Thursday, June 21

About The Philippines

I talked about the Philippines a few days ago and this is that travel show I told you about from the makers of Lonely Planet, one of my favorite travel books. Click and learn more about my country and for those from the Philippines, have fun watching it. See how beautiful our country is despite its problems :)


Gattina said...

I watched them with my morning coffee, that's another world ! you must feel like an exotic flower in the cold north ! Fortunately you have Vlado to warm you up !

Toni said...

yup you are so right about that Gattina :)

maiylah said...

i think i've watched these before ... but am glad you posted them. :)
enjoy your weekend!

E Akino said...

More power to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

Hope we could visit this places someday :-)