Sunday, June 24

Children's wishes

I'm making a sort of a Yearbook for the kindergarden kids (5-6 year olds) who are leaving for school this coming school year. One part of this yearbook is a question which goes like this:
A good fairy gives you three wishes, what would you wish for?

Here goes the interesting answers:

I wish that my room will always be clean till eternity! (wow this kid knows what to wish for, I'll put that in my wish list too)
I wish that my plants will water themselves on their own. (check for my wish list too)
I wish that my garden is bigger than the city park.
I wish that my mom doesn't need to work in the garden anymore. (well not if you have a garden bigger than the city park)
I wish I have a magic wand so I can wish for more things. (quite smart 'ey?)
I wish that my little sister will stop nagging me. (wishful thinking!)
I wish I have a hut in the woods, a tree house and my own volcano. (well this he can have with just a change of address, no need for a fairy, I know of such a place)
I wish I am 8 years old so I can take that toy from the basement that I'm only allowed to play with when I turn 8.(i wish this kid is so reasonable like in real kindergarden life)
I wish that the school grounds have lots and lots of cherry trees around them ( well I hope those cherry trees bear fruit not just ornamental )
I wish that Christmas comes again this June (oh no, again christmas madness??)
I wish that sweets instead of snow flakes fall from the skies during Winter (yummy)
I wish my house is made of ginger bread.(hmm, not really much fond of them)
I wish I can go to school now so I can finally learn some things. (hey does that mean he didn't learn anything in the kindergarden?; good thing, I'm not his teacher)


Ahoy! said...

If his/her house was made of gingerbread, o di every now and then they need to bake new walls because every kid will want to take a bite. At pano kung umuulan? Magke-cave-in yung bubong nila. heheh. I like the eternally cleaning room though. I wish the dishes would wash themselves!

Gattina said...

Funny list ! kids speak it out, lol ! My sons nicest wish he ever made when he was about 9 or 10 was he wished we would divorce then he could spend the week end with daddy (to be spoilt) and during the week with me (school anyway) not interested at all this kid ! He thought about double Christmas presents, double birthdays, double, double, double ! Most of the children's parents were divorced so he felt like an outsider ! you should have seen my face when he announced me that !

Toni said...

Yes kids really have amazing minds :) I love the double christmas presents and double everything reasoning of your son Gattina :) and Joy I wish the clothes would iron themselves :)

maiylah said...

i wish i can get more than three wishes! ;)
kids do say the darnest things, don't they? :)

asimplelife said...

how nice... i really wanted to be teacher when i was younger, unfortunately i didn't end up being one...but i still hope to become one someday (to my future kids...hehehe)...
i do have siamese cats too... this morning in our office, i saw a 'pusang kalye'... kitten pa... and nice sya...kya i told the guard to take care of the cat and i will soon adopt him/her (not sure of the gender yet)... happy weekend...thanks a lot!