Tuesday, June 26


I always look forward to opening my mail box whenever I come home - who knows there might be some surprises waiting for me?!! Like a parcel notice (yahoo, jumping for joy!) or a postcard from some exotic place or even maybe a letter! But the past few days aside from having bad weather, which makes our mail (actually just bills) a bit damp (hopefully the Landlord will do something about those mail boxes - wishful thinking!) I just get coupons and loads and loads of flyers and leaflets from all sorts of groceries, gardening centre and whatever shop that sells something and can give me a leaflet within 3 kilometers from where I live. If you don't believe me here's a proof of that special mail that occupied my mail box on one Saturday morning. After arriving from our usual grocery shopping task,my mail box greeted me with this:I think there are about 15 shops in here. What is so irritating -I got it actually after I've done my grocery shopping so therefore I learned that the tomatoes in Rewe (bottom right flyer) are cheaper than where I bought mine. And that Praktiker (second to the left flyer on top) is selling a lawn mower machine for €249.99 (which I really don't need because I don't have a garden). What a waste on all that paper (trees!!) and all that ink and energy (oil!oil! oil!) to produce all these leaflets/catalogues. In most times I just throw them (including the mid/weekend weekly paper with all the blah blahs!). Why do I need such catalogues when I (and probably more than half the 80 million population of Germany ) can actually check them online?


Doris said...

Hi Toni
Put a notice on your mail box -- "NO JUNK MAIL PLEASE". You could try doing that. It works here..

Toni said...

Hi Doris,
Thanks for the visit and the tip, we have that but that doesn't help at all :(. Hope all is well with you down under :)

asimplelife said...

hi toni...thanks a lot for ur comments... i'm adding you up in my links... got a nice site here... keep it up Godbless!!! : )

Toni said...

Hi Jennifer, God bless you too :) added you already, till next post :)