Saturday, August 4

Drop me a line

Ooops the map is showing Athens, but we are in one of those tiny islands that almost look like white dots, either can't locate it or the software is getting crazy it seems. Oh well at least it's the same country- wish us all the best!


Gattina said...

Have a nice flight and wonderful holidays !

vlado&toni said...

thanks a lot Gattina, we are having a good time here,. enjoying the sun and the sea and the good food, weather and very nice locals too.

maiylah said...

galing naman ...!!
am so sure you're both enjoying your vacation!

ps. I nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award ... hope it's ok with you. :)

Toni said...

thanks maiylah for the award, of course that's fine ok with me, naku ha sino ba naman ayaw ng award di ba? will get to that when we got back form our vacation.

hi doris, thanks for the good wishes and for signing my guestbook too.. your postcard is on the way,, hope it gets there .. as what gattina my blogging friend says.. those postcards sometimes don't come even after christmas :(
we are having a grand time here :)