Thursday, August 2

Greetings from Santorini

Kalimera as the greeks say :) I found a super fast internet connection here not so far from our hotel at 3 euro per hour, not so bad actually. We are having a wonderful time here, the greeks that we have encountered so far are really very nice and helpful, one time we asked someone where a certain restaurant was, the old man who looked so sleepy got up and excitedly explained the direction to us. Nevertheless he thought that was not enough, he called his wife and told her to accompany us!! Wow that's really friendly! So we went with the woman and we found our restaurant (we later found us we have passed this restaurant at least two times, bloody tourists we are)- the waiter was friendly again(or making sure we'll eat there!competition is hard here!) and gave us a 10% discount which we in the end gave to him as tip (hmm, that's really wise of him!!) . Yesterday we joined a tour to see a volcano, it was fantastic but in the sweltering heat , we thought we are being grilled like those gyros meat. Although I cannot really swim so much I joined the people who were swimming for the hot springs to get freshen up a bit after that super hike along the craters! Whew, thank God I am still alive and I managed to swim that 80 meters deep water. Upon climbing up the boat, I was reminded of the titanic movie, the people were panicking reaching for the ladder and the guy from the boat kept blewing his whistle .. just like that scene in the titanic.Well that's all for now because the V is waiting for me. Otherwise he will reprimand me again of too much blogging. Bye all!

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