Tuesday, August 21

Rockin' Girl Award

A change of mood from my previous post. I know it took me a long time to finally do my thank you speech for this super cool award:Chats and Maiylah thank you very much for your kind words about my blog. You girls rock!!!
Now that I have the award I know I should pass this award to the next five deserving chicks out there, however much as I would like to I don't know enough bloggers who haven't gotten the award. So I guess this stops here. Well it has to stop somewhere, don't you think so till another blogger thinks of a new award. Before I make an end to this post, I would acknowledge in return Chats and Maiylah. So that you'll know why we actually are rockin' girls at all.
Chats - you're such a cool mom! Whoa, who would have thought you'd be such a super, duper mama back in 1987!!! Definitely not the manangs and manongs or Emmett for that matter .. bwahahahah!! Well I guess "One word is indeed enough for the wise." Note here - this is the favorite sentence from our high school director. Turned out - we ended up wiser than we could ever imagine????!!!??? Of course you are a super blogger too!! Need I say more? See for yourself.
Maiylah - I met her in Wordless Wednesday, a meme where a blog posts every Wednesday a picture, any picture for that matter. She has such wonderful pictures and has got a really good eye in making that "aha" shot. She also talks about other things too so feel free to check her blog especially the new one Maiylah's Snippets. Lately she has been putting more her nice pictures there.


maiylah said...

awwww ... you're welcome, Toni!
thank you , too!

oo nga, hahaha, parang nalipat na ata yung pictures ko dun sa maiylah's snippets ... lol.

take care! :)

jenny said...

you deserve it! congrats toni! that award means a lot!

Chateau said...

Hey, rockin' bloggin' manang! haha
Thanks for the kind words.. Really it was you who inspired me to blog... Thanks for that!