Tuesday, August 21

When it rains, it pours

It's raining and pouring outside and it is still supposed to be summer. But that's not what my post is all about today. I've been trying to show you some pictures and make a slide show from our recent trip to Greece but nothing seems to be coming out of it! Zero, null, nada!! I even signed up for new programs but it all didn't work, imageloop, slideshow blah blahs and whathaveyou! Oh well, it seems it is indeed a bad day to do it something nice, I give up and wouldn't waste any more minutes uploading those pictures. This post won't have any pictures at all!!!
Aside from that I really have a bad day at work because starting today, the first day of the school year, just about at 15:00, I learned that I will change to a new class. This is totally all of a sudden after I came up (in my mind, my new school year plans) what I would do with my kids, which projects and activities to do geared up for this group. I even promised myself to be a (more!) loving, more creative (squeeze out that last juice of creativity!!) and (10,000 times more) patient than I was last year. Sad to say, my new school year resolutions won't do me any good now. *big and very deep sigh here* Well this is not so bad at all, it could be worse. So let's blame it all on this bad weather. He gets to be responsible for all the calamities we have at the moment so I will blame my bad day on him too.

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