Tuesday, August 14

We're back!

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers, we're back from our vacation! Braise yourself for a lot of pictures and stories from the island of Santorini, Greece. As you can see, I am browner than ever and The V. is well like himself - white. Milk and coffee that's what we are. We had a great time, enjoyed the sea, the great sceneries, the greek "santorini" cuisine and friendliness of the locals and most of all we enjoyed watching the scenes that bloody tourists like us do! The exciting and colorful mix of tourists from the corners of Europe and Asia was indeed a great form of entertainment for us. Unbelievable but great prejudices and stereotype roles are so evident in such touristic places. We can automatically scan the people without hearing their languages from which countries they come from!!! Among the majorities of nationalities were - Germans, Brits, French, Scandinavians, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Italians, Greeks, Spanish.

Almost everywhere in the island you can see such churches behind us. This has become the symbol of Santorini and even of Greece because not only is it strikingly beautiful but also because it represents the colors of thire flag, blue and white. I will be posting more detailed pictures later because these shots were just taken from my mobile phone. This phone has become handy because we don't need to ask every tourist (who is also very busy taking that aha shot) or a potential camera thief (haven't met one though thank God, otherwise you won't get to see any of our beautiful pictures. One of us just needs to stretch his/her arms and voila - there's two of us this time in a picture.


Gattina said...

Hi and welcome back to the global freezing ! I stopped once at Santorini when we made a cruise through the mediteranian see it looks really very beautiful. I agree with you watching tourists is the best ocupation during vacation ! You are very lucky that there were no Russians they really are the worst !
BTW in the Southern countries women are dressed in black because they are always moarning one family member and when one moarning is finished after 2 years another dies and they have to wear black again and that's then for the eternity as the families are quite big and you also have to moarn for a cousin 3rd degree !

maiylah said...

welcome back! wow, great shots! specially love the second one. :)