Thursday, August 16

Santorini Pictures

Behind us is the Caldera or the crater of the volcano which is now Santorini. The island Santorini is essentially what has been left from an enormous volcanic explosion which destroyed the earliest settlements and led to the creation of the current geological Caldera. Santorini belongs to the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea. However this crater is now just filled with water. The spectacular view along the Caldera is a must for all Santorini visitors. The hike to this small island Volcano Palea Kamini is a journey at your own risk!
Here for example is the village Oia, along the Caldera which is worth visiting. It attracts tourists for its magnificent sunset (as marketed by the tourist operators and travel books), which actually during our visit there wasn't that magnificent at all. The V. complained that he has seen better sunsets back in the Philippines, at my parents house. Sunset or not, the village is truly beautiful with its small alleys, the architecture (rebuilt after the 1956 earthquake) and the views along the Caldera.

After the sun sets, the village is illuminated from the many lights.


Gattina said...

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chateau said...

Hi T and V! Glad to have you back, and to see what a grand time you've had in Greece. These pix are great! Ganda ng architecture doon...

You must have missed Baghira, as the cat pic reminds me of him. The sunset is beautiful. but I must agree with V - we have more magnificent ones here in the pHilippines :)

Welcome back! BTW, Toni, i like your healthy tan! :p

Gattina said...

Be happy that your cat was "hotelsick" so you don't have to have a bad conscience anymore when you go away, lol ! Hope you slept all day today to recover !
Good idea if you join the cruise, it's not difficult at all and really makes a lot of fun all members are very FRÖHLICH !!!

maiylah said...

wonderful shots! picturesque talaga yung place! ganda nung pusa ... great timing! :)
hehehe, oo nga, ibang klase kasi sunsets dito satin, eh, no?

chateau said...

btw, i replied to your text... 1 day later nga lang hehe, did you receive it? I texted u my add. so i should receive a lovely postcard soon eh? :)