Friday, September 14

Off to Bulgaria

We'll be leaving in a few hours. We just hope that the airline employees won't charge us with excess baggage. The V. and I had to weigh our bags and allocate the different stuff among our 3 suitcases. One of which is a carry on which actually has 11 kilos instead of 7 - ok, we only have 1 carry on, can we please be excused?. I think we have overdone it this time with goodies galore for the family. Well you'll never know when those stuff will come in handy. Especially the rest of the family who would be coming in for coffee and sweets.
Yesterday as I got out of the car - I heard the cat meowing real loud. I first thought he saw me and was getting excited. As I got nearer, I thought he was trapped in one of the rooms . When I came in, much to my horror , I saw him caught up in between the door frames. The door was tilted and I don't know why and how but he was there, with front paws hanging outside and meowing his lungs out. The poor guy, I called out my neighbor who I happen to see in the driveway and she came in hurriedly and helped me out. At that moment I was so shocked I didn't know how to pull Baghira out of his misery.
We've always heard about tilting windows and doors (yes we can do that here in Germany and in many other countries here in Europe) and it is a no-no for cats. But we thought that's only for kittens, since Baghira was almost 11 when we got him, we thought he's already educated about that. Unfortunately not. As of the moment he is doing OK, we really hope so. The Doctor said we can bring him to the cat's pension which happens to be run by a Veterinarian (who we actually don't know of and this is not Baghira's normal pension ). His limbs and paws will heal in a few days -we hope and pray too. The people at the cat's pension aka Vet office will be observing him. We just hope they will be honest people who won't just make money out of him/us. We really don't know if this was a good idea to bring him there but we just didn't have any options. The turn over wasn't really good. She wanted to dope the cat immediately without asking me (to get rid of his fleas and worms in case he has any - of course he doesn't have any). In the end, they charge us additional 2 euro daily for his medication, aside from his food and lodging. I have this feeling this is not the end of the story.

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maiylah said...

oh my ... am so sorry about what happened to Baghira ... hope he'll be fine when you get back!
enjoy the trip! :)