Wednesday, September 26

We're back

We're back- Baghira is also happy of course and we are happy too that we are back home and he is well despite the bills we needed to pay at the cat pension's owned and managed by a veterinarian. We would never do that again! It seemed they wanted to make money out of him in the end. Oh well charge it to experience.
We've had a very pleasant trip - had a great time with the whole family including the extended family and a dear neighbor, enjoyed the good weather (except for 2 days where it rained a lot!!), ate a lot of bulgarian food, drank good bulgarian wine and raki (similar to italian grappa) , found good bargains!!!, did something really tradational and a bit of sightseeing - a bit only because of encountering some problems on the way, including dealing with the local police chief and seeing a bulgarian doctor because that virus trying to catch me in Germany finally caught me there on my holiday!
I would post the pictures and relate to you the stories but first it's great to be back in the Blogosphere. We didn't have any internet connection there so I really didn't have time to read my mails and check any other blogs at all. See you all later!


A. said...

Looking forward to hearing about Bulgaria!

Gattina said...

Welcome back ! What did this vet do to your cat, feed him with gold barres ? We are back too since last Sunday and tomorrow I will publish my reportage on the Garda Lake for the Cyber Cruise. So please join us. I am curious to see then your pictures from Bulgaria ! I had a lot of very good pasta !!

Chateau said...

Hey, welcome back! I'd like to learn more about Bulgaria, and see proof of how much they loved the Chacheer seeds hehe. So post pix soon! :)

Gattina said...

I tagged you with a (in my opinion) for once nice meme, you should show us a picture of your desktop ! I played today.

asimplelife said...


hi! welcome bakc! wow, you really had a good time together, that's nice! is that your cat? it's so cute...i love cats, too! I have 2 siamese cats! take care... hope to see the pictures soon!!!