Tuesday, September 4

Overdue Santorini Pictures Part 2

Here are some more pictures. Enjoy! Perhaps you didn't find anything you like in the first slide show, so here's the next one. I promise to stop from here (for now or till my Wordless Wednesday post).


captain lifecruiser said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos of Santorini - I enjoyed every single one of them :-)

The greek islands are all very beautiful, but Santorini seems to be one of the most noticeable. I've had friends visiting there before and seen pictures that made me wanna go there already then!

I'll link to these 2 slideshows in my thursday post, as well as introduce you as our latest A-Swab member :-)

Tips: keep comment more at Lifecruiser and you'll soon be accepted as an A-Team Cruiser and I'll announce your "cyber cruise" posts in advance = you get more readers and commenters :-)

Welcome to the last cyber cruise post: secret island and the viking age!

Secret Island Viking Town Birka

Gattina said...

Fortunately you showed up again ! I already thought you had disappeared. Your pictures are very nice and it seems that you had great holidays ! Saturday my neighbor (and friend) came over to show us her pictures from Greece (she had made a tour with boats to different islands) and showed us pictures from .... Santorini too, lol ! I have absolutely go to Greece, I never have been there.
Welcome to the Cyber Cruise, it's always very interesting to see "private" pictures of a country or town much better then a travel guide !
Our little Rosie is a Teenager now, has a (spayed) boyfriend and does her buisinesses in the garden or in the several litterboxes in the basement not in the bathroom anymore.
My cats are snobs, when it rains they don't want to go outside and use the litterbox.

I can imagine that sitting now again in cold and rain in "good old Germany" must be quite depressing after such beautiful holidays !

RennyBA said...

Again another great collection of photos from your trip to Santorini. I've never been there but now I wish to go as it look so lovely with the nature and great architecture. Thanks for sharing and as I said in my comment to your other post:
You are included in my last Cyber Cruise post!

TorAa said...

Yet another series of fantastic pictures from Santorini. W have never been there, but it sure looks like heaven.

btw. Rosa's father is, as far as we know at least 1/2 Norwegian Forest - but he is thin ( Search for Peder Fur, he comes to visit us frequently - 1-2 times a day) - we do think he has worms, and his owners don not do anything about it.
Rosa's mother was a 100% Manx. So we can speak about a rare melange here. Rosa is our Cat.
Felicia is also our Cat - she is a Manx - though the two of them are sisters (Cats you know - they were 7 siblings).
Stompa is also a Manx. He is born in our home. His Mother, then of course was a 100% Manx, but with, amazingly, the habits of Turkish Van Cats. Stompa now lives with my x-wife.

Klar, oder?

GrĂ¼sse von Norwegen

Gattina said...

I take the Cruise to London today ! More exactly to Croydon. I love this place it's much better then Central London once you have seen all the tourist stuff and museums ! I had 10 years for that, lol ! I also had to do this Onion meme and feel "peeled" !

Gattina said...

It's a lovely little town still belonging to London.You know London is a huge puzzle of all different little towns.Yes I bought cat collars (very cheap compared to here) and a few toys for my darlings and a arabic stylish red velvet interior dress for only 8 € !

Gattina said...

You must go to my cat blog ! there you see Teenie Rosie with her first boyfriend a black but he is spayed ! When she is 6 months old I have her spayed too ! No babies !