Sunday, September 9

Weekend Socials

I've been neglecting my blog quite lately and my blogger friends as well. A blogger friend, Gattina, thought I have disappeared from the Blogosphere. Well dear friends - I am still alive. I thought I can start changing the face of this blog but then again, I have to postpone this project.
Aside from that, this weekend was quite a busy one, attending some socials here and there. It started on Thursday where we watched a musical, The Circle of Life or popularly known as The Lion King. The amazing thing about it- it was done by High School Students. They did it all with the guidance of their teachers. If you have seen it you would have also wonder at their creativity. The Costumes were spectacular, very professional indeed.
For Friday we have some neighbors for dinner. They were very much delighted with the meal I prepared (of course I was also delighted with the compliment). As expected, I prepared an asian meal. If I have done a different one, I'm sure the guests would be disappointed. As usual The V. told me not to overdo it - again! But again I have ignored him. I like preparing dinners - the works. Appetizer, Main Dish/es and Dessert. My neighbor even had a take home! Very well done Toni! Our efforts for Friday were then reciprocated on Saturday. We were invited for a "Wine Tasting with Friends" by a couple from the international church we attend. I really don't know much about wines. I just buy them from the grocery, if I like the price, the bottle and logo (except once where we went to a Vineyard, tried the wine and bought 6 bottles). The descriptions about wine are really fascinating especially if you don't have any idea about it. Here to name a few - bursting with berries, aroma of cloves and pepper, full bodied, with lashings of dark chocolate, a note of wildflower flavors, flexible in the mouth etc. etc... We have to rate the wine according to color, bouquet (smell) and taste and guess at the end where they come from with the help from the notes provided by the host. We have to match the descriptions with the wine. The trick was, the wine were covered in special bags and it just got the number. We were given six glasses and a rating sheet. The host presented Shiraz this evening. We've got 6 different wines from Australia, South Africa and France with different price ranges.The question is - is the expensive wine the best? The answer - of course not! The cheapest wine (about 5 euros) won and the middle class wine (about 13 euros) was the second. Then it was followed by a hearty meal, of course meat in Shiraz sauce. The dessert was raspberry cake - finally I got that raspberry note I was looking for in those six wines. By the way, don't think we are alcoholics, at the end of the evening we brought home the rest of the wine. Each couple took 2 bottles. It was a lovely night and we intend to do it again this coming October. The next couple would be doing it. I guess at the end of all this wine tasting evenings, I might just find that note of wildflowers and lashings of pepper and cloves.


Gattina said...

Ah ! "exotic" hospitality and food that's a dream ! When we are invited at my son's friend (a senegalese) he cooks like a god and also for a whole army lol ! Or I remember the dinners we had with pakistanese friends in London ! Delicious ! And my friend here who is indian when he makes his cauliflowers (amongst other dishes of course) Mr. Gattino eats like a horse and takes portions at home !!
But the nicest thing ever happened to me when I talked to my son's neighbor in London and was yammering of what to cook next evening for 6 people. She said, don't worry don't do anything I will take care of it. At 8 sharp, the door bell rang and there she was with her son carrying plates and plates and plates ! She had cooked for me and my 6 guests a wonderful pakistanese meal and so much that we ate for 3 days, lol !!
Living in a country where kowing all french wines is very important and belongs to good education, I am rather a barbar, I drink the wine I like and then I am very very fröhlich !

jenny said...

wow! you must be a good cook... thanks for making proud of our dishes! nothing compares to our dishes... though, i love italian foods, too (hehehe... lagi kasi spaghetti nung bata pa tayo!). anyway, after reading my farewell letter, the president of the company didn't allow me to transfer to another place... she said, it' s for my own safety... she kept on tracking my moves... the guards have been monitoring if i am moving my things out... well, in short... i stayed! well, things happen for a purpose... i guess, this one has! Take care always! Godbless!

jenny said...

oooppsss... regards to V. : - )

RennyBA said...

Wine tasting is fascinating and you seams to have a great time doing it with your friends!

In my most exciting experience i found that church and vine is a great combination :-)