Wednesday, October 10

Postcards from Bulgaria Part 2


RennyBA said...

thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures and by this taking my down the memory lane from last time I was in Sofia.
I so much remember the very same park where they where playing - not only cards but also chess and all kinds :-)

Gattina said...

You made me part of your holidays ! I got the impression to be there with my morning coffee, lol !
You should link to the Cyber Cruise and inform Mrs. Lifecruiser about your bulgarian posts ! It's a pity that the other members can't see it because they don't know !
It's not too late ! Just tell her that you wrote a whole reportage about Bulgaria she will announce it on her blog and then everybody can enjoy your trip ! Look how I did it with my Garda Lake (Countries & Cities blog)

Toni said...

Thanks for the visit, I'm glad you both enjoyed the little tour I gave.

captain lifecruiser said...

These are some EXCELLENT posts about Bulgaria Toni! I'm sorry for being here so late, but Iv'e been sooo busy with everything besides being ill. No excuse, but still an explanation :-)

I'll tip others to come here in my next post tomorrow!

Feeling like having some scary fun?

Welcome to our spooktacular blog warming party today - if you dare.... *giggles*

Everybody is welcome :-)

captain lifecruiser said...

I love all those beautiful old buildings!!!! So many different ones - some with a quite romantic look too :-) Very picturesque scenery.

Interesting facts and habits too that I haven't heard of before.

Must have been a happy time for Vlado to meet his family again!

Oh, and I know how it is to have problems with the border staff. We had some nervous problems when we were in South America passing the border between Paraguay and Brazil - making problems later on too when we were going home. Phew!

Hope you're having a faboooolous weekend :-)

Joyismygoal said...

Wow was it fun it looks so exciting!

Gattina said...

This is just to tell you that today I take the Cyber Cruise to the home of my friends in Italy which dates from 1462 ! It is worthwhile !

A. said...

Wonderful postcards!!! I love that blue colour of the building, and all the different buildings, and the paprikas, and most especially, the cakes - mouthwatering.