Monday, October 15

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!!! Not much of a celebration except for this lunch The V and I had at a Japanese Restaurant and a Candle-light dinner that I forgot to document . One good thing about today is the wonderful autumn weather. Another birthday, another year older.
Today I brought some goodies at work for the kids for my birthday celebration. But before we did that, we had our usual Monday Ritual. This Monday Ritual involves reading a story from the Children's Bible (I work in a Catholic Kindergarden) and then talk about our weekend and what we are planning to do for the coming school week. We usually make a circle and do all these things. But what was interesting and quite touching was that when I sat in that circle, the kids immediately started to sing the birthday song. That's probably one of things I like about this work, the little surprises you get.
Well after the celebration, just before the kids prepared themselves to go home, a 3 year old girl came to me.
Little Girl: So Toni, is your birthday over?
Me: Oh no, of course not, just our kindergarden party is over but I have the whole day yet.
Little Girl: (looking really deep in thought) So how old are you then today?
Me: I'm 36 years old.
Little Girl: (started to count, using both hands )Hmmm 1,2,3,4,5, 6 Ah.. (stopped -she can't count more than six)
Little Girl: (looked really serious and in deep thought) Ah, what does 36 years old mean?
Me: It means I'm old.
Little Girl: showed enlightenment "Ah, now I know!"
Yup there you go, even a little girl understands what it means to be old.


sueisfine said...

oh, Happy Birthday Toni!
wish you all the best for the year ahead :)
p.s. didn't realise you share the same birthday as one of my friends

Toni said...

Thanks Sue for the birthday greetings :) now you'll always remember my birthday too :)

Gattina said...

Happy, happy birthday to you and all the best ! I don't sing otherwise it will rain tomorrow and we too have a wonderful weather right now with 20° and sunshine ! If you are old then I am from the stone age, but at least the little girl could have counted until (forgetting the 4 afterwards!!)

Gattina said...

until 6 !

Doris and Tony said...

Hey Toni
Happy birthday old girl !!
from your older friends from the land down under :):)

Toni said...

Thanks Doris and Tony, which reminds me Belated Happy Birthday too Tony. Better late than later :)

captain lifecruiser said...

Oh, happy belated birthday wishes! May your upcoming years be filled with joy and happiness together!!!

Chateau said...

Ay, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. :(
But as you always say: better late than later. So: Happy Birthday hugs from me and the whole family. I'm sure it was fun. Those little kids are really sweet ha.

I wish you a great year of beautiful blessings.