Friday, October 5

Postcards from Bulgaria

I'm sorry it took a long time to finally show you what we have done in Bulgaria. Well there were just a lot of things to do and so late it may seem, here it comes.
First of all a bit background about Bulgaria: The Bulgarian nation was formed in in the seventh and eighth centuries when the Bulgars, warlike Nomads from central Asia, assumed the leadership of Slav tribes in the lower Danube basin and took them on a spree of conquest in southeastern Europe. The resulting First Bulgarian Kingdom accepted the Orthodox Christianity as the state religion but fell to the Byzantine Empire in the eleventh century. Later came recovery in the shape of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom after being freed from Constantinople but fell again to the rise of the Ottoman power in the 14th century which ushered in the 500 year long period of Tursko robstvo or Turkish bondage. Bulgaria's liberation finally came in 1878 achieved with the help of the Russians. Since then there are many things that happened in Bulgaria's history, the Balkan Wars, World War I & II, The People's Republic of Bulgaria (communist Bulgaria), The Republic of Bulgaria and recently its enty into the European Union. If you want to know more about it, click here. This brings you to Wikipedia where you can read more about the country. Otherwise read on.
The V. proudly comes from Plovdiv, the second largest city after Sofia, the capital. Below you can see some pictures of the old town. The houses here are really beautiful and has a distinctive architecture.
This is downtown Plovdiv, the place to be for most of the people in the area. It's where you can meet friends, have coffee, do some shopping or just walk pleasantly along the streets and enjoy the many many fountains.


Gattina said...

That looks really beautiful, I love the archtecture of the houses in the first 4 pictures ! It seems to be a quite big city ! I have never been in Bulgaria, I only once went to an ex communist country and that was ex Yougoslavia, Dubrovnik. We once in our live won a one week trip !
For the desktop picture it's very easy. Just take a picture of your open computer with the thing you have on the screen and then crop it and do like with your other pictures. OK ?
BTW Rosie has her 5 months birthday today, have a look how much she has grown ! (on my cat blog)

chateau said...

Hi there! Bulgaria looks like a wonderful place with all the old buildings with nice architecture. I got the post card pala. thanks for being so thoughtful!

A. said...

How fascinating. Bulgaria is not a country I know at all, so it's really good to have a first hand account. The architecture looks really different.