Monday, October 29

Project House Actually Starts Now!

I've got great news! We finally got the house I told you all about. Well we haven't signed the contract yet and the bank hasn't given us the credit for that 100 year mortgage or so. But the good news is the owner finally said we have the house! Apparently the other interested party decided that the house was just too small for them. Of course there will always be a better, bigger house but for now this is the perfect house for us. It's the perfect compromise for The V and me. The location is The V's favorite and I would have my own little garden, maybe I can plant a small tree too, not sure if it fits though . Plus it's not such a big house so we won't have too much problem about cleaning and keeping it in order :)
Well that would be all for now. Thank you very much for the wishes and all that positive thoughts. Please send me some more of those good vibrations till Friday this week. I have something important I need to do and I wouldn't want to spill the beans yet till I know I have it so I won't get disappointed. Well that's all for now, dear Friends. Have a pleasant week!


Gattina said...

Wow !! Congratulations ! you are (quasi) owner of the house !! Pictures pleeeeaaase ! You are very right it's not good to have a too big house and sitting far away from everything, just for two people and the cat (not to forget) ! I suppose Baghira will jump to the ceiling of joy because she can then dig holes in the garden !!

sueisfine said...

so happy for you & Vlado to have your dream of owning yr own house come true :-)
hope one day D & i can do the same!

it sounds like a nice cosy house, just nice for you 3.

vlado&toni said...

Thanks Gattina and Sue. We are quite excited about it :) However we are not sure if we will let the 16 year old cat out of the house in the new house because his eyesight, balance and sense of hearing is really impaired :(