Thursday, October 25

Updates on Project House

Drum roll please :) Well Project House is hitting its climax this Saturday at 18:00. We spoke with the owner last night and gave our best offer- it was quite exciting especially that the race is yet on going. May the best deal wins! There's another family who's also interested to buy the house. But they are still on holiday till Saturday and will give their final answer later that day. So we have to wait if they will offer a higher price or not! Will let you know of course how it goes in the end! I actually don't have any picture of the house and what I only have is the one from the agent and I don't like to use that because we got the house directly from the owner so I don't want any future battles with real estate agents. I can only give you an explanation how it is. It's a small duplex house and actually enough for me, The V., Baghira and guests coming over for a few nights or a few beers :) We used to look at those big houses which was a bit far from the city. But we realized we would be like bouncing balls in such a huge house (not to mention we need to clean that much if it would be big!!!) so we decided to stay in the city, pay the same amount but can dine out and drink and walk on the way home. Although come to think of it, after having a high mortgage, can we still afford to drink and dine out??? How come I didn't think of that??


RennyBA said...

I cross my fingers and toes for you - good choice and I do hope you'll get it - keep us posted!

Doris and Tony said...

I thought of you ( or rather your blog) when I came across this poem...
"How I love to be a glow worm
Cos glow worms are never glum
How could they ever be
When light shines out of their bum"
... not the exact words(memory not that good anymore) but you get it..
Good luck on the house !

vlado&toni said...

Thanks Renny and Doris for the good wishes! Will be updating you all tomorrow evening!