Thursday, November 29


I must say I am not a good blogger the past few days. Let's blame the dark, cold weather for that. Christmas is indeed fast approaching, faster than ever. This coming Sunday is already the 1st Advent!!! It's christmas craft time once again and the kids at work are indeed demanding for more crafts! They do their work like factory workers in China or in any other third world country! I wanted to do some crafts at home myself to decorate our home sweet home but I just don't have the energy and creativity anymore . I wanted to make the house more christmasy because my parents in law are coming over and will spend Christmas and New Year with us. It will be our first ever Christmas together. I am looking forward to it. We will probably do a Filipino-Bulgarian-German celebration -- isn't that exciting!
Aside from that nothing new about Project House. We are still waiting for the bank to give us the money so we hope they would try to process everything before they get caught up with the whole Christmas rush - otherwise the whole thing will progress till January 2008.
Anyway, I don't have much to say but I just got this picture and I think I look quite nice in it so I'm featuring it :) A photographer came to our kindergarden and took pictures of the kids and the teachers too :) It's not so clear because I just took a picture from my phone. Well I don't have a scanner so this would do for now. The woman with the red hair is our boss.
What can you say? All women!!! Can you imagine how exciting that is?@!!!/&%(§!!!!


sueisfine said...

yeah its a nice pic of you in it & i love the autumn leaves in the background!

we also have a diverse mix in our family unit...javanese/malay-swiss-german
only we don't have our own cat!

thanks for your b'day greetings :-)

eyna said...

i see people...hiding behind the tree...they don't know I see them ... they are posing around like regular people....they don't know.... wooo

Gattina said...

I had my Christmas decoration done yesterday for the 1st Advent today. The tree follows later. Rosie helped me a lot it was terrible, lol !
The picture is very nice, be happy about only women, men only bother in such a group ! BTW you don't need a scanner, I take a picture of a picture and crop and sharpen it afterwards, that goes much quicker and the copy is better than the original !

Toni said...

Thanks for the visit ladies :)

I know you must have missed the autumn leaves Sue, but the cold and wet weather from the autumn definitely not I guess :)

Hey Eyna, have you seen Happy Slip?

Hi Gattina, you always come up with good ideas. I have to write you an email too about putting a picture in my banner. My attemtps turn out quite bad.