Sunday, December 30

Tatko and the cat

My father in law who is actually not fond of animals or cats particulary has developed a liking to our dear Baghira the cat. It is quite interesting how he has looked forward to seeing the old cat and immediately looked for him the moment he arrived in the apartment.He was actually quite disappointed that when he came 2 weeks ago, the cat just ignored him. He has probably expected Baghira would remember him from his visit a year ago and would leap to him like a mad cat. Oh well dogs do that but cats? Aside from that, the cat had a flu during that time so he didn't even see much of him. Well after a few days the cat was back to his normal self and Tatko (means father in Bulgarian) was so delighted to have the old cat beside him. So I'm posting this picture :) because this was an order from my father in law and I am such an obedient daugther in law (haha!). Tatko wants to see himself online too :) Who knows, one of these days he might go online himself!!!


Gattina said...

How can you call poor Baghira an old cat ?? I am shocked !
That picture is really nice (especially because there is the cat, lol !) and that cats conquer even non cat lovers I know too ! My father belonged to these species but his heart melted like butter in the sun !
It is funny that you say this girl fits better to me, because I think it too, she was a funny girl and we talked together almost the whole evening. The "DIL" I think is a little overstrained by my presence ! I take a lot of room apparently, lol !

Jenny said...

hi toni!!!! belated merry merry christmas and happy new year... i hope this year will bring more blessings to you and vlado... more travels and fun adventures together!!! i missed blogging actually! wow! i love cats... i have siamese cats... am gonna show you some pics... hopefully i'll get nice shots... haha...i love your post... well, pets can melt hearts, you know!!!! missed yah!

eyna said...

te, i think maganda itong palakihan at i pa frame at i hang sa inyong walls hehe :D

Lifecruiser said...

Well, they look nice both of them, so why don't you all come over?


Start The Ship Party!


Gattina said...

Today we celebrate Three Kings Day in Belgium, so come and have a slice of the "Galette" !

Toni said...

thanks for dropping by friends :)