Wednesday, January 16

New Year, New Look

On this corner will rise a new kitchen in a few weeks, be there to witness the event :)

After almost 3 years of blogging I decide to try on a new look... well this is not the final look of the blog but just a test. I was almost close to giving up and just got tired of surfing so I ended up with this look for the meantime. The V. finds it too much and ugly :( but I am the administrator of the blog so he has no power over it :)

Here are some pictures from our house. as you can see the wallpapers have been turned down. I wonder how this would all look a month from now. We plan to move on the 8th of March.

We hope to find enough helpers that's why this date. Most of our friends and other possible helpers would be away before and during easter so we have to catch them before they go.

Well let me know what you think of the design or maybe you know some sites that give away new blog templates. I am seeking though for XML templates. Whatever that means- I really don't know.

Continue to wish us all the best for all our plans. May the workers be good and the prices of the materials not high but durable to stand the time. May labor cost be reasonable and all deadlines and deliveries be met on time. Amen.


RennyBA said...

Hi Toni, sorry I'm late - work overflow you know.

Great blog and thanks for plugging me!

eyna said...

hi te! love the design of ur blog! new look ah! siguro ung sa left side try to make the fonts smaller tsaka ung ka family ng arial narrow fonts para di masyado crowded. or kung possible na i separate sila in boxes.

ate! dumating na papers! huhu panu un, moving day nyo march 8. march 7namin na set ung date ng civil. we plan to move end of january pero "plan" lang un lol.

Good luck n have fun! may alam akong sites ng mga templates. will send u soon.

eyna said...

me again!

i forgot. nag change na nga pala ng format blogspot. i used to get templates sa gecko&fly.

eyna said...

and forgot ulit!

sa widgets ng blogspot. u can turn the archives area into a "drop down" menu para di mahaba na nakalist lahat ng months.


Gattina said...

I am completely baffled ! How did you do this background ?? This time you should help me ! I have the same template for my travel blog and am unable to change the background ! Yours looks nice and not too much.

Your house seems to be very nice, as what I can see. You will see in a year you will laugh about these works ! But it is so much fun to arrange your own house !

And in order that you see something worse I published today a hilarious little video which shows the demolition of several houses in Brussels, it happened last week !

Anonymous said...

A lot of work in store for you in your new house but it will be worth it when you have it exactly how you like it.

I tried once to change my blog template but it caused me so much trouble, I don't think I'll bother again :)

chateau said...

I find your new template very nice naman, not ugly at all! I love green, that's why. Hey, changing templates on blogspot is a feat in itself. I find it waaay to difficult, hehe. So Congrats!

I wish all your wishes for your Project House come true. It's exciting, am excited for you. Sige, I will keep tuned in for your blow-by-blow updates ha. I want to see how you work on the bathrooms too. Dream ko kasi for my own home, a huge kitchen and huge bathroom.. hehe

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, your new home will be so wonderful!!! How exciting!

I kinda like your template you have changed to already and have no other suggestions..

BTW, important news:

Cyber Cruisers New Travel Blog

Toni said...

Thanks a lot for the visit. I'm glad you like the new template. Well then, I think The V. has to get used to this blog for a while.