Tuesday, January 22

Down with the flu

I was at the doctor's office today and was diagnosed with a sort of virus. Actually the whole kindergarden staff and kids have been sick in and out of this virus almost the whole school year and I thought this time I'm immune to it. Oh well, I guess I spoke too soon about it. You wouldn't believe the ordeal I had to get through with the doctor's office. One of the reason I was there was to get of course my medical certificate since I didn't go to work yesterday and today. So anyway, the receptionist said I can wait till 9-11 am because I can't have an appointment with the doctor anymore. The V. thought it would be wise to be there at 9:00 am on time. Got there 9:00 a.m. - whoa! You might think there is a Senior Ball in the doctor's office - waiting just outside the door are the golden girls and boys (men and women of about 60-80 years old) of our little town. It's as if we are going on a social dance, they looked happy, chatting and talking about the last christmas and new year's celebration. Anyway, I sat and read all magazines. I must have read about 10 magazines. The golden girls went, but some more came. The senior boys went and some more came. I was getting dizzy and dizzier, getting colder and colder. I went to the receptionist and ask her if I would ever still make it till noon??? Or would they close the office without the chance to see me? (this was a hypothethical question of course) she answered me seriously - of course we will get to you before we close the clinic - I told her I'm not feeling good, dizzy, cold and nauseaous . She told me, go drink some water . I sat and drank my water. Do I have any choice?

Meanwhile I really don't get it aside from me and another person who also has no appointment - all the rest of the group were so up and about , jolly and healthy and have all their appoitments. The doctor's visit is a social thing- more like going to the movies or having coffee and cake. Why can't we, the real sick people see the doctor first?Finally at about 11:o5 the receptionist called me and brought me to another room. There I sat again for another 15 minutes till the doctor came. She asked me what my symptons are and where I work. I told her about it - while she typed the words in her computer and gazed at her monitor the whole time -and in two minutes we were done. She didn't even touched me, or see my eyelids or throat or check my temperature at all. I waited for 2 hours and 20 minutes, sick and chilly. Got a 2 minutes attention from a doctor who didn't even look at me. Hmmm can I blame her? I don't know if you have had the whole senior citizen's club chatty and happy the whole time and now a real sick patient? She didn't even give me any prescriptions and was showing me the door when I asked her I want some tablets for my throat just like the ones The V had (he went to this doctor before and he actuallly likes her - maybe because he is a private patient and gets more extras than me!) She answered: Well you have to pay it yourself the insurance doesn't pay it. Hello - tell me something I don't know please. Oh and have I forgotten to tell you? I have to pay 10 euros for this visit to the doctor too, a surcharge I pay quarterly if I visit the doctor. So I pay my insurance fees, my company pays the half of it. I pay for my own medicine and pay the surcharge. Tell me again why I pay all these people.


Chateau said...

Grabe naman yun, 2-minute checkup? I know Philippine health care isn't even close to average, but I've gotten good treatment naman so far from our doctors. Well, when I used our company health insurance long ago, medyo shabby treatment din but at least the docs bothered to peek at my tonsils and listen to my lungs.

I am thankful that healthcare in the Philippines is affordable enough for me and my family to stay as private patients.

I hope you get better! :)

Gattina said...

I just checked your blog and saw you published this adventure ! I don't know how the german health system works, but such a thing would be impossible here in Belgium. They always keep a little space for emergencies so they tell you at what time you should arrive in order not to wait too long ! I think I would get crazy and smash the whole waiting room instead of chatting with my golden girl sisters, lol ! When I am sick I rather could become a killer ! Poor girl, I hope you feel better now !