Thursday, January 31

Updates with Project House

Still feeling down about the loss of Baghira so I have to dwell on other thoughts like our new house. The renovations are getting quite exciting I got word today that the floors (parquet) will be placed and the workers might just be finished by Monday. Isn't that fast?
Well the moment has arrived to finally do some serious thinking about color schemes and combinations. This is quite hard work because we have done quite good with our walls in this apartment that we now have to outdo ourselves . What a shame that we have to color the walls of this apartment to white (standard in Germany) after putting some life to it.
Aside from that just about 3 weeks and I will be starting on my new job. It's quite exciting and I get some butterflies in my tummy whenever I think of it. I have to adjust to the new colleagues, parents and of course the kids. I have to remember 68 faces of kids and 136 set of faces (parents) to match those kids, not to mention the aunts, uncles, grandparents and neighbors might drop by once in a while.

On the left side:
This is the before picture of the stairs leading to the bedrooms. They removed the carpet and we were surprised with the good wood hidden behind the ugly carpet.

On the right side is the after picture. I wonder why the previous owners covered this nice stairs with carpet? This is indeed a great surprise for us. Before and after picture of the small bedroom which would probably be our office . The walls have fibre glass wall paper. You can paint it over and over again or have it white if you want. Below is the picture of kitchen-


Gattina said...

It's good that you get some distraction with the house it looks already very nice what you have done ! I love the staircase can't understand either why it was covered with a carpet ! Parquet is very easy, I had put it too and thrown the carpet out of all rooms. We have it everywhere except in the living room (tiles), bathroom and kitchen. It is very easy to clean ! I suppose you also have to choose a whole kitchen ! that must be wonderful ! My kitchen is all red and white. Red walls and white furniture. Looks really cosy and I never changed the colors since the very beginning in 1975. My taste had changed all over the years but not for my kitchen, lol !

jenny said...

wow... you have moved to a new place... it's really tough... i've experienced that before when we moved to our new house in marikina... oh, am so happy for you... goodluck and Godbless!

Anonymous said...
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