Friday, February 22


Whew, February is almost over! Tomorrow or rather today (as it is past 12 midnight ) is my last day in the german kindergarden where I currently work. Starting Monday I will be working in an english speaking, sort of exclusive kindergarden. It feels quite weird, I really don't feel as if I'm going to change my work place and have new set of colleagues, students and parents. Maybe it will all change next week.
Nevertheless, the kids and my colleagues made me cry yesterday. Or should I say made me howl. I was trying to keep my spirits up and hold back the tears but the kids surprised me - I was setting up the table for my farewell party when suddenly one by 0ne, forty nine kids ( the other eleven were sick ) came and each gave me a rose. Some said some nice words like thank you for being with us. we will not forget you , i'll miss you etc. That was quite dramatic.
After that, they gave me a gift which I will post one of these days. It was a big painting with 60 squares representing each child and in different colors.
Aside from that it will be a busy weekend (again!)- It will start with tonight. I'm going to have a farewell party for my colleagues here at home - the last one before we start to pack our bags and boxes. I decided to do a mexican theme dinner with nachos, fajitas and tacos - of course not to forget daiquiris and tequilas. I hope I did not overestimated my menu otherwise I will have to eat mexican for the next 2 weeks. I always overdo my meals - my worst embarrassing scenario is this - guest is enjoying his meal and wants to have more and me the hostess has no more food for him!!! I think I got this trait from my mom. Then on Saturday, we'll continue with painting the walls in the new home. We did already 3 rooms (2 bedrooms, hallway) and we need to do just 2 more this weekend.


Gattina said...

I can imagine that you were touched to tears ! that's so sweet of your collegues to have prepared the children for that ! It's always a big changement when you change work in some way it changes your life but then it will also become a routine. It's nice for you to start completely new with a new job and a new house, only the (old) husband remains !
Good luck !

jenny said...

my gosh...that's really touching! i believe they won't do that thing if you haven't been that good to them. well, i really wish you the best. starting all over again isn't that easy but God knows what's best for us... and i believe you can adapt well and adjust easy wherever you will be. goodluck!