Monday, March 3

long time no blog

I really wanted to blog more, marking the start of my new job I thought I would even make a new blog for it. However, it turned out I didn't have any internet connection last Monday. I needed to install a new software says AOL. I waited and waited for this software (help desk said it would take 3-4 days) till The V. arrived from his bussiness trip and turned on the computer (after being off for four days!) - he said " but you're online!!!" Moral of the story- don't believe those people at help desks! Well the weekend came and still I didn't have time to blog. We are still busy with Project House. The V. hated me the whole weekend because I got this idea to paint the tiles in our bathroom- this caused a lot of muscle pain!!! Well the bathroom was more like a back to the 70's/80's kind of thing and needed some remodeling. It costs a lot to have it renovated so why don't we just paint it??? That was easier said than done. There is a special kind of paint you need to put on the tiles and it needs 3 applications of different kinds of chemicals.
We wore astronaut suits (special suits for painting/dirty work) because this paint was quite gooey and sticky and it was splattering all over. At first I didn't wear the special outfit. Then I got paint all over and my hair and face turned almost white with the splatterings and The V. had to pull all the hair strands with a towel to clean it. That was awful! It hurt a lot. It reminded me of the monkey who pulls the hairs of another monkey to get some lice. Yikes!
Anyway, can you see the difference? It all looks clean now, don't you think so? This picture is the same corner as above. That was how it used to be and now it is like this. This is the economical way of changing the bathroom tiles. So from the brown bathroom, we now have a cream, very light yellow bathroom. Well almost it's not yet over by the way. The color on the can says it's supposed to be champagne..huh?? what is the color of champagne?
Aside from that I wanted to post some pictures of the rooms and how it they all look now but but I cannot find the camera because I have been packing some boxes the last few days and I don't know where it is so we have to postpone that a little bit. Well I'll end this post for now and will let you know about my new life as a Montessori teacher correction - since I don't have a Montessori diploma yet I am just an Assistant Montessori Teacher. I am actually thinking of getting a new blog for this. It's quite exciting to start a new job and not boring at all with lots of ups and downs and sad and hilarious moments.


RennyBA said...

Glad you finally got your connection after all and whooo how well you are decorating your new room - well done!

Good luck as a new teacher - keep us posted!

Gattina said...

That's what I thought, you are very busy ! New Job, new house and then the internet down. The tiles look very nice. I saw this for the first time (I didn't know that you could paint tiles) in London when my son did this to renovate his bathroom. It's much cheaper then new tiles !!
Champagne should look like light creme color at leasts that's what I think.

jen said...

wow... you both don't look tired... rather very happy and excited with your new house and new life! goodluck to you and vlado... regards... : ) btw, nice outfit...hahaha