Sunday, March 9

Farewell Gift

As I have mentioned in an old post, the kids at my old Kindergarden gave me an interesting farewell gift. It was a painting with 60 small paintings on it. Here it is:
Creative right? My former boss, shown on the picture with the black sweater came up with the idea actually. And of course, here's the picture with the kids giving me each a rose. Some telling me nice words like, i'll miss you or thank you or kids being kids saying - here, take it, take it.Nothing dramatic or sweet to it. Nevertheless it brought much tears to my eyes. It was quite touching and I'm sure I will miss this workplace, my old colleagues and of coure the kids . As you can see from the picture, this kindergarden is quite colorful. Wait till you see the new one. To give you a glimpse this is how it looks like. I managed to get a shot from my mobile phone camera. I don't even know if this is allowed. Does this picture tell you a thousand words? Quite organized and very structured from the colourful walls above right? This is what I was talking about being organized, this way, you always know where to put the stuff you just took out. Clever, ey?


Gattina said...

That's a real nice gift the kids made for you !
If the whole Kindergarten of the Montessori school looks so neat then I am worried about the children ! It will slow down their "personal development" lol !

jen said...

toni..that's really touching! you'll gonna miss those little angels for sure as much as they will miss you! goodluck, girl... Godbless