Sunday, March 9

Project House Update

Finally we are done with all the painting jobs and renovations in our very own home. This coming Saturday will be the much awaited move. There are a lot of things to be packed - things we need, things we might need and things we didn't ever needed and won't need at all even in the next lifetime! Oh well, since I would have a lot of time in the near future due to my extra weeks off in my new job. I will be selling those junk in Ebay - let's see, who knows I might make some vacation money out of it. So don't get too excited for those unwanted gifts, junks and what the heck.
Ta-ran - I proudly present to you the newly painted rooms we've managed to do with our own hands and with some help from our dear friends. Our dear helpers weren't too excited about this documentation. (*wink-wink* - little did they know what these pictures are for, none of them know that this blog exists!)

Here's a collage of our dear helpers. Thank you dear friends.

And here are the rooms finally with some color on it. This is the hallway, leading to the kitchen, upstairs or just to the living room.

This is the kitchen to be.. well the kitchen people really is taking a lot of time to install the whole thing. This is already causing us some stress. Don't ever believe those guys from Quelle (in case some of you might be from Germany). We told them mid of February and this is now mid of March - well almost. This kitchen took a lot of time to paint. I needed to paint it 3x to have the paint look really good on the wall- okay the first time I had some help.
This is the master's bedroom. Well nothing much to it being a master except it is the biggest bedroom in the house. We originally wanted something that has a green/gray touch to it but the color turned out like this in the end. Well those paint swatches can be tricky sometimes. It turns out different once you have the real thing and of course you have no choice but to like it. After all what will you do with that 5 liter paint or worse 10 liters??!!!

Here's the office. All bright and cheery for a nice, working day! I hope to learn new things, blog more and sell some ebay stuff in this room :) wish me luck! (actually a left over paint from the hallway). Don't worry about that lamp, we will definitely change it,it used to belong to granny, the former owner of the house.

And of course, if you'll show up this side of the globe. Here's a room for you- ta ran - The Guestroom. The picture is not so nice because it was starting to be dark and all the photos were just taken by my mobile phone so it looks a bit paler than it is usually. It has something like light sand/terracotta colorAnd last but not the least. The bathroom that took a lot of work than all the other walls, at least it looks really clean now, bright and cheery. The work is not so perfect on some corners, but who cares. Not everyone is priveleged to use it, that's the nice thing about having an extra toilet for the guests.

Well I hope you all enjoyed our Project House. I shall come back again for some more updates in the future. In the mean time, back to packing some boxes :)


Gattina said...

Wow ! I am impressed ! you did a very nice job ! it all looks so bright and neat and I love the colors. Now when you have a little more time you should read your very first post about the house where you were sooo afraid of choosing colors and do decorations, lol ! See the result is very nice !!

jen said...

oh my!!!it's a lot lot better now!!! goodluck!!! and i wish you both the best of life!!!

jen said...

Oh, am so happy that you have visited my new site... well, my e-bloggy seemed to be infested with virus... i've been receiving spam comments...weird! though i'm still preserving my e-bloggy account... it is my first love...hehehe!

bout my medical exam... i was being referred and re-examined on saturday...will keep you posted!

thank you, thank you toni!!! i am reunited with you...for good!