Saturday, April 26

Frankfurt am Main Part 2

I just talked about Frankfurt in my last post and here I am again talking about it, actually we got together with some friends for lunch on a spur of the moment . The weather was fantastic and we took a walk along the river banks of the Main River which I was talking about the last post. Here are some pictures from my mobile phone.

I forgot to tell you that Frankfurt has the highest population of Foreigners in Germany. Well if you don' t believe me you might as well take a look at this picture we are with some of our friends - me from the Philippines, one from Sweden, one from Germany ,one from Japan and one from Bulgaria (the guy who took the picture) . See , we have outnumbered the germans! Seriously Frankfurt is a multi cultural city. If you go to the main train station you'd think you are somewhere, anywhere but not in Frankfurt.

Here are a bunch of crazy guys and a preggy mom, doing the famous wacky posing you can always see in lots of filipino pictures and apparently japanese pictures too. Simon a Swede working in a japanese company, wonders why the japanese in his company like to pose this way all the time when they have their pictures taken and The V. on the other hand has always seen this on filipino pictures from my family and friends and can't understand why they always do it. So in the end I ask them to give it a try.
And it seems it was so contagious that even passers by joined in for some posing! They just can't resist it :) well that is what you get here when the weather is good, people have such good moods .


Gattina said...

I see, I see Frankfurt has become an international town ! Probably due to my birth, lol !

chateau a.k.a. imom said...

Hi Toni! Frankfurt does look so beautiful - so much culture and nice places. Seems you and the passersby had some fun posing hehe.

Lifecruiser said...

Lovely pics from Frankfurt in springdress! Well, I've only been at the airport, never seen it properly, so this was nice.