Sunday, April 27

Spring is here - hurra!

Yes, you've read it correctly. Spring is really here and what I love about spring is none other than this picture above. I know it's spring when I go to the forest, hear the birds and see lots and lots of green around me. This kind of green can be only be seen on the beginning of Spring, when the trees just have young leaves and the sun shines on it or almost through it.

We had a nice lunch in this beautiful forest (just a 5 minute drive from our home by the way, we actually can take a walk to go there if we're more a bit sporty) . There is a restaurant called "Forellengut". It has its own fish pond (that's one of the ponds as you can see on the picture above,) with trouts, carps and other 5 or 6 more fresh water fish varieties. It's a simple restaurant you get fish and it's only done in one way - fried , no special sauce and all that gourmet stuff just down to earth fresh fish and it comes with the best bratkartoffeln (german way of doing fried potatoes - first it's boiled, cooled and then fried and has a sort of crust on it). This plate of fish is supposed to feed 3 people - it's a fish platter for 3 -- what?? you might say probably more like for 3 families . We thought we won't finish it but then just looking at those happy grins at this picture, you'll know this three are really looking forward to this plate (of course including me !) Well we were wrong after all! Look again


Gattina said...

You make me hungry !! Usually I don't like fish but when I see that, I melt ! Last time I had the same in Bavaria when we came back from Italy it was delicious.
Spring is here too and I put my laptop in the garden. It's too nice to stay inside !

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, that first pic of the very fresh spring green forest is just beautiful!!!! I love spring!!!

Even though I sometimes have problems to eat when the fishes is served whole like that, I must admit that it does look yummy - and forell (Swedish name of it) is one of the best!!!!