Thursday, May 1

Long weekend

Prost! (salut, toast, kampai, cheers)
It's May once again and what I love about this month is the long weekends. We're celebrating the Ascencion and Labor day today and since I work in a school, all holidays that happens on a Thursday makes the Friday thereafter also a holiday (the perks of being a teacher). That means extra time to tidy up the boxes and organize this house a bit more to make it look a bit like home.
Update about our kitchen - the delivery to the kitchen store might happen between May 5 to 15 then they will contact the company responsible for installing the whole thing. Then they will finally install everything here . Wait and see, I do hope the kitchen would be here by the 25th because we are having guests for our "wine evening" and on the 26th I am planning a surprise birthday celebration for our dear friend. Hope this will all works well. I hope I am not too much of a positive thinker thinking and organizing all these things.


chateau a.k.a. imom said...

Hi there! You're glowing right there in that photo. Mukhang the long weekends are much-awaited and appreciated.

I hope your kitchen turns out great and right this time. :)

vlado&toni said...

hi chats, yup that beer is really refreshing! I do am looking forward to the long weekends .. we still have 2 of them just along the line ..all in the month of may!