Sunday, April 13


The V. and I were out looking for shelves so we can get organized in this house. It still is not so presentable but hopefully we'll get there one of these days. Aside from that did I mention that I have Spring Break? Too bad the weather hasn't been ideal but I am enjoying the free time - well most of the time off is done for some errands and tasks. I have another week off so hopefully the weather would turn out well this time.
Oh and I got a call from my ex colleague and she told me her cat gave birth to 3 kittens. Well 2 gray ones and a black one. I wouldn't want a black panther and even a gray one so I told her if she has an orange or a 3 colored kitty then that would be for me. She said her other cat is going to have some babies too. Well who knows?
We got to know our neighbors last night. The guy had a birthday and invited us. They were friendly and very open and hopefully it stays like that forever and ever. It seems they were traumatized from the old owner of this house - he was quite controlling - calling the city hall and the authorities that kind of thing to check what they were renovating inside their house, etc.. I've heard about such things in the television little did I know it happens in real life.


RennyBA said...

Spring break sounds great - enjoy!

Here also to thank you for your visit and nice comments on my Norwegian slow food delight post. Hope your friend gave this fish dish a try too :-)

Gattina said...

A house is like Rome, it hadn't been built in one day either, and when you think it's finished you have other ideas and so it all starts again. I experienced this for 32 years now, lol ! If you think about a kitten, which you do apparently, then it's time to get one. 3 colored cats are always females keep that in mind.
This kind of neighbor is a terror ! We had one like this in the street and the kids collected dog sh..t and put it in front of his door, then they rang the bell. You can imagine the rest. Funny enough we parents all closed our eyes ! If the neighbor invited you it's a very good sign ! If they are young (or old but young, like me) than it's always OK ! Just invite them too and you will have a nice neighbor relationship !

jen said...

hi toni!!!! long time no see (within the blog world!) nice to see you in my site! i guess my ebloggy site had been attacked by virus... i couldn't open it... says it contains porn... gosh... my site is very wholesome... huhu...

nice to hear that you and your hubby are doing fine and adjusting well with your new environment. see yah! miss yah!

best regards!