Sunday, May 18

Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday, The V. and I celebrated our annivesary. We went to the Main Tower in Frankfurt and had a wonderful time drinking wine and gazing at the wonderful skyline of Frankfurt from the 54th floor.

To go up the building you need to pay an entrance fee of €4.60 , children under 6 years are free of charge. The 55th floor is a view deck while the 54th floor (190 metres high) is a restaurant and a bar. Well it costs a bit to dine up there and from our experience the service was awfully bad!!! The view was fantastic so if you come this part of the world just enjoy the view and if you get thirsty bring you own water :) otherwise if you want to be a bit fancy just don't have high any high expectations and have a drink. I don't know why the restaurant is renowned for its Class A service, Ikea's restaurant has far better service than this one :)

That tall building (picture below) is the European Central Bank, for the european taxpayers this is where some of our money goes. What's also a waste of money is the whole time those lights were lighted on a Saturday evening! Think of the electric bills!

I love the view of the Main River behind it.

and here it is much late in the evening - so that's why petroleum prices are sky rocketing, right? It looks beautiful though.

So here goes the story of the bad service I told you about

Us: We want to have that platter for 2
Waitress: Oh sorry the last one was just taken
Us: (surprised because it was quite early)
Waitress: You can have the shrimps with olives and pesto dip.
Me: Anything else?
Waitress: That's the last one too.
Me: Is there bread with the pesto dip?

Waitress: Yes, of course
Me: ok
A few minutes later, order came but bread was only 4 mini slices - of course it was gone a few minutes
Us: Can we have some more bread?
Waitress: Sorry we have no bread anymore
Us: Huh?? no bread anymore (I thought to myself, this is supposed to be a 5 star restaurant!!! However 2 tables dining at the restaurant have tons of bread while we at the bar lounge don't have any. )
The V: " You should start working properly with the kitchen staff"
Waitress: smiling politely probably thinking - huh, the hell I cared.
Me to V: after waitress is gone, "no tip for her, let's just get some peanuts, I saw they were serving some."

In the end we had a bowl of peanuts for our dinner but no bread or any other meal to go with the pesto dip, the bottle of wine and a bottle of water. Which reminded me of my dear friend Kim. As a student we didn't have much money and whenever we go out for beers, we would order some peanuts to go with it. This was the only pulutan we can afford. Pulutans are important for Filipinos whenever they drink their beers or alcohol, the snack can vary from a plate of peanuts (the cheapest ) to oysters to roast pork. Kim would remind us to go easy on our peanuts. His favorite line "hey, slowly, we still have a long night ahead of us, that's a peanut, our pulutan not rice" (rice is as you know our staple)

And here another view ..


jen said...

oh my gosh... those pictures are awesome!

i was laughing about 'bring your own water' thing and peanuts... hehehe! yah right, our country has lots of peanuts around especially in gimmick bars...hehehe

oh, that was really terrible... considering that you were in a '5-star' hotel, huh! nway, 'least you had those awesome pics to share with me...

thanks toni!

raqgold said...

we live near FRA but never been in the city except for a short visit in a friend's house. i always ask my hubs to bring us to the main tower but he kept on complaining about parking space and nakakalito daw sa FRA. and when he hears this story, FRA is out of our future itinerary :D

chateau aka imom said...

Belated Anniversary hugs to you, Toni and V!

I'm glad you both did not allow that shabby treatment to ruin the night. The view is great!

LOL @ pulutan. Ako taga ubos lang din ngpulutan as I don't really drink much, if at all hehe. I just love to pretend I'm drunk at lumalabas kakulitan ko haha.