Friday, May 16


Yup finally got word from the kitchen people that we will finally have our kitchen installed this coming Monday!!! Well it's not yet hooray till we see the kitchen in its full glance, all cupboards intact and all electro gadgets functioning in perfect harmony! I am looking forward to a real home cooked meal after such a looong time.. although I must admit it was also very nice dining out, eating take outs, heating up microwaveable food and cooking water for just add hot water stuff.
Here it is - this is how our kitchen looks like in paper. Let's see how it would like in the real world. Keep your fingers crossed dear friends..
oh and Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to The V. and me :) many more happy years to come to us bansie wansie! thank you for being a supportive patient, loving and tolerant husband to the crazy wife !! and soon happy 7th year to me in Germany, 21 May 2001. Time flies indeed!
This is the bouquet of flowers I got from The V.. just the right kind of my favorite flowers and colours. It just doesn't look great it also smelled so wonderful because of the freesias, I always love having them on a bouquet of flowers.


Chateau said...

Happy anniversary to you and the V! I wish you many many happy years together.

Finally, the kitchen is coming. I'll be back for the real photos.

Gattina said...

Happy anniversary !! I hope you are not superstitious about the 7th year, lol ! If you immitate me, then in 39 years you still can celebrate your wedding day !
And Youpeee ! finally your kitchen arrives !
Fortunately the people in my group were very funny and we had a lot of fun ! Only the Greeks apparently drank every morning a liter of vinegar !

Toni said...

thanks for the greetings :) of course i would like to imitate you gattina, wow, 39 years that's a lot!
yes very excited about my new kitchen.. finally!!