Thursday, May 22

Another long weekend

Yes, you've read it correctly, it's another long weekend but unfortunately the last one till Oct 3, the Reunification Day ( West and East Germany united). Although it's a long weekend, The V. and I are busy like a bee working to make our house a bit like home. This weekend we have some guests coming over. A dinner on Saturday evening and a surprise party I am organizing for a friend on Sunday evening! I am quite excited, hope we will surprise her and she won't surprise us. One time we went to a surprise party and we were so surprised to see the celebrant as he opened the door for us. We were speechless and he was also speechless. It is not a common custom here to just pop out the door and say I was just in the neigborhood. But we didn't have anything to say so we just said " we were just in the neighborhood." The celebrant looked a bit irritated but managed to contain his composure of course and told us actually they were going out for dinner. His wife who was a bit confused with her surprise party organizational skills, hid in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. So anyway, this is revenge time and now this woman is the one having the birthday. Can't wait to see her face :)


Gattina said...

I am sure you will have a lot of fun ! What day are you celebrating now ??? We don't have a long weekend in Belgium.

raqgold said...

hi toni, bloghopped from chateau. you know what, i've been calling since early this morning, asking people to come for a barbecue dinner to take advantage of the sunny weather tomorrow; but sadly, nobody's available. halos pareho rin sya ng coming without appointment ba, kasi calling for an invite with no advance notice :D