Sunday, May 25

Long weekend is over

I woke up with a weird feeling today. I didn't know what it was till I realize why... the long weekends of 2008 is over. It came with full of excitement and left so fast like the wind. Gattina, a blog friend asked what kind of a holiday it is, well I have to google for it because I don't even know which holiday it is (how embarassing!). My calendar is still in one of those boxes. It is Fronleichnam or Feast of Corpus Christi. If you want to know more about it, just click on that link.
Yesterday evening , we had the dinner party and it went really wonderful. The new oven, my new toy, did its job. I used the steamer function of the oven to steam some green asparagus and made a sauce for it out of mangoes. Hmmm.. yummmy. I'm telling you this is one good recipe, if you want it, just let me know in the comments. I wasn't able to make some pictures for the blog because I was a bit stressed if everything will work out. We have to get used to having the kitchen just beside the dining table. Since the house is not so big, we decided to leave everything open from dining room to the kitchen. That means while I prepare the meals, the guests are out there just looking at me. It is almost like show cooking. Oh I get nervous just watching those wannabe cooks in such tv programs. To cut the short story short we had a fabulous time.


Gattina said...

Ah ! Fronleichnam ! didn't even realize a holiday in Germany ! Usually the TV program is awful on those days Saturdays and Sundays included, lol !
So your oven is the X. world wonder ! I would be interested in the recepe of a mango sauce not for asparagus but maybe for something else. It sounds good. In most of the houses I know the kitchen "is" in the living/dining room only separated by a bar it allows at least the cook to be with the people and chat and not locked in the kitchen as an outsider. I like this very much.
I think you have to change the text in your profile because Vlado is still looking for a job, lol ! I suppose meanwhile he found one !

raqgold said...

great to know you had a good weekend! and you used your new toy, too! am sure you cleaned it real well after that feast, hehehe. tinanong ko yung isang german friend namin kung ano ibig sabihin ng fronleichnam, sabi ba naman happy cadaver, which is really the literal translation :D pero yung italian wife nya sabi corpus christi, ayun naintindihan ko na nga!

Sheila Agaya Enriquez said...

Hi Toni and Vlado!
Congratulations on the new home and new job. Your blog site is awesome! I feel caught up with everything that's happened with you guys in the last couple of years. Cheers!

Toni said...

gattina - i will surely email you a copy of that recipe, my guests said it would be great with fish or chicken. oh and by the way, i can't change that about portion of Vlado looking for a new job :( he is still looking for a new job- he has the old job but he wants to have a new one so he won't travel too much

raggold - naku, ang ganda mo :) you are so right, super nilinis ko ang new toy ko. hahaha, as in takot ako baka magasgasan, sabi ni hubby baliw na daw ako-- before i went to bed, i read the manual if naintindihan ko siya.. never been too good with manuals..ahhhahay.

hi sheila, thanks for the visit, glad to know you enjoyed reading the blog. oo nga this is easier to update everyone with my life than to write a hundred emails.. (*wink, wink*) . tamad 'eh

eyna said...

nag holiday pala ahahahaha. di ko man lang namalayan na fronleichnam.

Our Love Story said...

hi toni!!!! i had a very busy corpus christi too last may 25... being an active member of our chapel... it was worth it!

ahaha... it's like "wok with yan" nice that you're enjoying your new home... take care alwyas! regards to vlado!