Monday, June 9

Update on the cake sale

Blackforest cake made by one of our friends - this seems to be the most famous german cake of all time (for non germans). In an international community like ours you can almost say - "Tell me what cake you are eating and I'll tell you which country you come from" (*wink,wink*)

It's been a while since my last post. I must have been too tired after that bake sale that I have not updated you about the result of our fund raising. Well the good news is - we made €914.00 - just selling cakes to our congregation. at €2.00 a piece. Of course some of them gave more than the price demanded - it is after all for a good cause. Our friend going as a missionary will actually work in a hospital for children without any salary at all. That's why we raised /still raising some of the money she needs. Our goal was to finance her first month and though we thought it was a bit too ambitious - we made it :) Too bad I couldn't make a picture of the whole crowd who got crazy about our cakes. I was too busy selling them. Here is a bit of the cake buffet. The shot is not good but you can still have a glimpse of it. Well in the end it was worth it - we might do it some time again in the future.


Gattina said...

Wow ! that was a cake orgy ! I recognize my female compatriots with their cake competitions ! Is also a souvenir of my childhood my mothers and neighbors each one tried to make the best cake and at Christmas !!! with the Christmas cookies !! that was terrific.
I think I was traumatized by that and therefore never baked a cake ! (but I eat them especially die Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte !)
The idea of raising a fund with cakes was great !!

RennyBA said...

What a great way to raise money for a very good course - my congratulation for a wonderful voluntary work!
No wonder they sell so good - looks yummy - the pictures makes my mouth watering!

Toni said...

@gattina - so you're also a fun of black forest cake :) i know what you mean by getting traumatized with good cakes.
@renny - thanks for the visit, yup that was really a good idea. i forgot to mention, there was even free coffee and tea provided by the church so that was perfect.

raqgold said...

well, i would imagine the people here complaining for a 2 euro piece of cake but for a good cause they might just pay for it kasi nga nung nagkaron kami ng cake and pretzel for charity nagreklamo agad sila coz the pretzel's being sold for .80 zents, mahal daw :D at least your cake buffet was a success!

Toni said...

@raggold - naku barat naman ng mga people eh for a good cause na nga di ba? nag donate ka na, may free cake/pretzel ka pa.