Saturday, May 31

Baked Saturday

The V. and I were busy the whole Saturday aftenoon preparing for our upcoming fund raising event at our church tomorrow. I finally found some recipes for easy to bake cakes and a batch of cupcakes. For the cakes, I baked ginger nut, chocolate and just a strawberry shortcake. My ex colleague gave me an easy recipe for apple cinnamon cupcakes. I tried it and it was yummy (real proud of myself ). The V. got sugar shock because he was licking all those left over gooey cake batter on the bowls. My mom used to tell me that would give me tummy ache. It turned out - it doesn't (judging from how much The V. had ). Look how much he is enjoying it.
It was a lot of fun baking. But around 7 p.m. when I got finishedI realized that it was also tiring. I thought I would have the energy to go to Frankfurt for a late shopping evening but this was not possible anymore. We decided to stay at home and watch a movie instead.
I decided to put the cakes in the oven for the evening because it is a bit humid here at the moment. This way the cakes looked as if they were in a special pastry shelf :) I haven't put the strawberries yet on the cake because I would do that tomorrow morning, I got an advice from a friend that that strawberry gets a bit watery so it won't look so presentable tomorrow. Thank you again for some of you who gave me new recipes to Raggold and Doris - I will plan to use them next time. Promise :) Will let you know how it will turn out tomorrow.


chateau aka imom said...

Wow again! Sulit na sulit ang kitchen sa yo, haha. Your cakes look yummy. Looks like nagmana ka kay tita (mommy mo) - if I remember right, she is a fantastic at the kitchen, am i right?

Ang cute ni V. haha. My kids love licking up the goo too.

hey, glad to see it seems you and Raqgold have introduced yourselves to each other. :)

Gattina said...

Wow ! what a work ! I never baked a cake in my whole life, for the simple reason that neither Mr. Gattino nor junior like cakes ! Looks very very yummy !
Your V looks like an advertising of a happy man ! You should sell that picture to an advertising company, lol !

Toni said...

chats, yup my mom was really a good cook and a baker.. i'm more of a good cook - i need to train on the baker part. yup i was able to get in touch with raqgold, she got to me through your blog, what a small world, she lives in deutschland too :)

gattina - what? you cannot bake??it's my first time to meet a german who can't bake, i always thought it's part of the erziehung and all to bake a cake :)( we even start it in the kindergarden) but you are right, who else would eat that cake if you bake one. that's why you were wondering that coffee and cake is still a tradition here..

raqgold said...

mukhang mas masarap yang mga cakes mo! tomorrow we also have cakes for charity and am not baking anything coz i signed up as seller. coz as you said, baking is tiring!

Our Love Story said...

wow, wow, cakes, cakes, cakes all around! very delicious post here... very obvious just by seeing V having tasted the mixture! hehehe... keep on baking!

take care and have a wonderful life!