Thursday, July 24


Oooopsss I didn't realise that I haven't post anything the last few days. Shame on me! I thought I could do more blogging because of the summer holidays, but sorry, time just slipped away from me.

Anyway, 2.5 more weeks and counting - I am back to work.. (sigh!) But before work starts The V and I are going on a short trip to see the biggest cuckoo clock in Germany :) haha who would like to see such a thing??? Me !!!! We are going to the Blackforest, you might have eaten the cake but this name originates from a place and it is here in Germany. Now why is this forest black? According to my language teacher (have to check if this is true) it was the fir and pine trees that made the forest dark. The trees were so dense that the forest started to be dark or black so the name black forest which is literally in german "Schwarzwald".

Aside from that there is nothing much going around this corner of the world. The V. would finally leave his project (hurra!! - for those of you might now know he has to be away 4 days a week due to his work) and we are hoping he could have a project nearby or a new job. Yes, he is still searching for a new one so please send him some of those positive vibrations.

As for me I have been busy baking and cooking and getting in touch with all my friends. (If you're a friend and I haven't called just wait, I'm on my way! - oooopsss while writing the previous sentence a friend called and we chatted for 1 hour and 40 minutes!!! greetings to Cathy from the Netherlands :) ) I am really enjoying my new kitchen. Plus we/ I have been getting a lot of visitors the past few days and meeting a lot of friends so the kitchen has been a great help. Here are some of my creations the last few days. This muffin was so yummy! It has raspberries from my garden and poppy seeds (if you like the recipe just tell in your comments ). Which reminds me I need to finally get some ideas for tomorrow - we are having some friends again for dinner. It's good that The V will arrive in the evening, he usually wants to have a simple dinner while I on the other hand want to spoil my guests. I love having people for dinner because I can always try on some meals which I normally might not cook for 2 people. Plus I love cooking, if there is any chore I like to do- it is cooking, then gardening and that's it :)


Doris said...

hi toni, apparently there is a cafe/restaurant(?) in the forest that serves Blackforest Cake and they say it is to die for... go check it out and tell me all about it like anong pagkakaiba sa nabibili sa Red Ribbon ...haha ..

Toni said...

hi doris - oh wow, hmmm thanks for the tip.. sounds yummy .. i'll check it out and let you know :)

kayni said...

how do you plant raspberries like that. i had some strawberries growing, but they were eaten by rabbits. ooh, that muffin looks good.

Toni said...

hello kayni, i actually didn't plant them, it was here when we moved this march and the plant has be really generous with me. i hope i can take care of it this year so it can bear much fruit again next summer. my strawberries were eaten too by another animal - the birds :) i hope your rabbits are not eating the rest of your garden. heard they can really be menace-

Our Love Story said...

hi toni! missed yah!!! hmmm... looks the second picture is yummy! what's that? i love to cook too! i'm a certified home made baker hahaha! i love to cook filipino dishes esp. sinigang and pinakbet!

see u soon! take care always. godbless!