Saturday, August 2

We're back

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers. The V and I are back from our short holiday in the Black Forest. It was a wonderful vacation and we were able to see a bit of the southern part of Black Forest. The landscape was beautiful, the towns and shops looked so touristic, the people were friendly although I must admit it I have a hard time understanding some of their german - their accent is quite different from this region.

Of course we ate the so famous black forest cake filled with lots of cherries and almost soaked in lots of cherry schnapps! I think one more of those cakes and I might have ended a bit drunk or tipsy. There were so many cuckoo clocks for sale I'm glad I'm not buying one of those because I might get crazy just choosing which shop and which clock I will get. Mind you they are not cheap at all. Prices range from €400- €1500 - of course the more intricate the clock is the more expensive they get.Here's The V and I in front of the first biggest cuckoo clock in the world. Apparently there are already 2 other clocks bigger than this but our GPS brought us here. We are glad we saw the original. If you noticed the parts are made of wood. And below you will see how big it is from the outside. There is really a cuckoo who comes out every 30 minutes.Creeks or smaller brooks and streams are very common here. After all we are in the mountains. There are also a number of animals to see. Such as this lovely friendly squirrel who wanted some peanuts from us and a nutcracker who seem to be crazy about peanuts too. They are so used to the tourists, it doesn't even bother them that we are in their habitat.

I don't have much exciting stories except I noticed that this region is visited from many neighboring countries - french, dutch and a lot of Brits. Which made me really happy in a way because the hotel where we stayed had a wonderful spa. If you have read my last post about germans and their sauna behavior - then you would understand why. Feel free to read it again so you can have a better glimpse of the german sauna culture. With french and brits as my sauna neighbors I need not worry or be stressed about being the only one with a bathing suit on or being bare naked shoulder to shoulder with my sauna friends. Furthermore, there wouldn't be memory flashes of their naked bodies when I see them during breakfast :)

Here is a picture of one of those typical houses in the area. They have such roofs so that snow could fall down easily during winter. And just at the bottom is a picture of the waterfalls we saw along our walk in the mountains. It is actually a famous waterfall in the area but within walking distance from our hotel.
Well that will be all for now - I've noticed that the post is quite long now, I'll show you more pictures of Black Forest and Freiburg, a beautiful town we visited in the region in my next post.


Gattina said...

Very interesting ! you should travel more through Germany, you make me know my country !! I have never been there of course and this bit Kukuksuhr is just amazing ! Didn't even know that it exists ! I had to laugh about your sauna story, I didn't know either that people go naked in there, I thought at least a little slip. No thank you I would never have gone in there, healthy or not I see already enough dressed horrors !
I don't like saunas, I don't support the heat. In my fitness club people wear swimming suits and at my friends house near Köln, we haven't been naked either although we all knew each other. My workshop was very nice and the week very funny ! 300 artists together that's something. But at least you only see friendly faces and everybody says "Du" ! I have been there already several times, but last time was 10 years ago and then for painting.

Layrayski said...

Wonderful post toni&vlad! Thanks for sharing. I got stuck for a bit about your description of the black forest cake-- and the photos of the cuckoo clocks and the giant ones are awesome! I didn't know there was something like that. You put a smile to my grumpy face, thanks. :)

Toni said...

Those are great sights! Saya naman! :)

kayni said...

i love the waterfalls =). it's so funny because i take photos of squirrels too...somehow they're too quick here. i should offer them peanuts next time. such a nice place to visit, i'm happy you two had a wonderful break, which reminds me i have to start planning my annual leave...wohooo.

Toni said...

Gattina - yes I know I can show you some nice places from the country where your parents come from :) (take note your parents only because you spent most of your life in other places/countries than in germany) I'm glad you are enjoying the posts about deutschland ;)

Layraski- haha, did you like the description of the black forest cake-- hmm i can tell you red ribbon's is much better. but if you want to get drunk then you'd better have the real one from the black forest itself!

Toni - hey Toni! don't you just love this name?? :) love to meet you in the blog world, unfortunately i cannot track you back. so maybe next time you can leave a link to your blog? thanks for the visit.

Kayni - oh really are you also fascinated with squirrels? yes, they do love nuts.. these ones are really tamed even if they live in the woods.. they were more like begging for some .i have a neighbor before who tamed a squirrel by leaving some nuts on her porch during winter.. the squirrel became her friend from then on..

bluedreamer27 said...

wow i love the scenery of the photos so great and warming have a great day and best wishes to both of you

kayni said...

toni, i just tagged you =). please check my blog for rules.

raqgold said...

i dont like the black forest cake here; mas gusto ko yung original ng goldilocks at red ribbon, hehehe. dont you know, i have never been to freiburg -- parating dinaraan-daanan lang namin. show us more photos!

Vlado&Toni said...

kayni- thanks :) interesting tag, will do it later.

raq - naku, you are missing it! punta na, ganda don ah. .. yup goldilocks and red ribbon pa rin :)