Tuesday, August 12


During our trip to black forest , we decided to make a short visit in the beautiful town of Freiburg. We have passed this area a few times without really stopping on our way to somewhere (Raq, just like you) and voila, I was really amazed how beautiful the little town is. Take a look at yourself with all the pictures I have. You can see small canals all over the city, this has been built way, way, way back (not sure if during the roman times). Clean and clear water is running through it now and as you can see from the picture, the dog can't just resist it. Back in the olden times, this canal has been a way to dispose of unwanted stuff!

There I am proudly carrying my travel book in front of one of the old city gates - I never go anywhere without a travel book (or two or three!)!

Here's another picture, I want to show you again, one of the canals along the street and a bit of how a normal street there looks like, I love the colourful buildings.

When we got there the marktplatz (town square), was having its market day. Fresh produce from all over the region were selling their wares. It was a bit busy so The V. and I decided to go and have coffee. This was our view from the top. I took a little closer at the fountain too see what it could be. It was the Patron Saint of Freiburg, St George and he was stepping on a slayed dragon. You might be familiar with him but if not take a look at it wiki here. St George is also the patron saint of England and so many other towns and states here in Europe.


Our Love Story said...

omg, toni... those are all wonderful esp. the pictures of the cathedral! but what i like best is the one with your pix holding a travel book... hehehe! nice photos! i felt like travelling with u! take care always!

Layrayski said...

So clean, nice architectures, buildings, so different from where I come from. Hehe thanks for sharing your travels. I feel like I've been there too- Haha I wish.

Love the dog splashing on the water photo. I can feel his enjoyment from here.

Toni said...

jenny - yes,. i love the picture too with me holding the book :) yes, that cathedral is really beautiful. it's very very old. they started building it in 1120.. yup that old!!!! but it lasted so many hundred years till it got really big.

layraski - well thanks for joining me too on my trip :) glad to show you some of the nice spots around here.
yeah, that wasn't the only dog i saw doing that and even children too but i did't want to take a picture, the parents might get upset..