Tuesday, August 12

Freiburg Part 2

I don't know what's wrong with my previous post but I cannot edit so I decided to make a second post anyway instead of deleting it.

First of all, I wanted to edit that part about the canals/gutters. This was used once used to provide water to fight fires and feed livestock - and was never used for sewage (which I wrote on the first post!) which was extremely forbidden and can lead to harsh penalties in the middle ages! Which reminds me I should look in my photo archive, we once visited a museum showing all those harsh penalties and its intruments!

Well for whatever reason it was, it definitely cools the air and was a treat to dogs and children who waddled through them in the sultry heat.

Since I cannot decide which picture to show you I hope you like the collages.

Here's Münster, Freiburg's Cathedral. It was really big and I could only capture a part of it because the market stalls around it was blocking the area. The stained glass windows were so beautiful. I didn't know which window I should take a picture of.
That door above is the main entrance to the cathedral, but if you take a look all those little figures are sculptures, each one is unique and tells its own story! Mostly from the bible or a a story of some saint. Just like this figure I zoomed on.
Well I hope you like Freiburg, much as I did, I told The V that I want to go there again some time. It would be nice to just hang around the town. After all we've driven past it too often without really stopping, I do think it deserve a bit more respect than that.


kayni said...

The collages look fine. I can still see the beauty of Freiburg. I love the buildings =).

Layrayski said...

Beautiful place. The architecture is really something.

Gattina said...

I have never been there ! It looks a very nice town. Yes, the Eurostar is a great invention I think you can take it in Köln but I am not so sure. It saves you a lot of time with checking in, (you only have to be there 1/2h before) and then you are in London city and not outside.

bluedreamer27 said...

wow thats so romantic and classic at the same time....
i like those romanesque and gothic stle of architecture ... and the mosaic and basilicas wow they were so amazing i hope i could be there someday
have a great day
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have a great day!!

Toni said...

kayni and layrayski - yes the buildings are really beautiful, freiburg is one of the cities here in germany that wasn't bombarded/damaged in the last WWII so they are still intact and remain to be beautiful after hundreds and hundreds of years.

gattina - this is really a beautiful town, drop by one day on your way south.

blue dreamer - thanks for the visit, nope i am not such a fan of science fiction but i'll drop by anyway :)

Anonymous said...

nice photos i can feel the culture all the way here! the cathedral is so big, how religious are they there?

bluedreamer27 said...

hello im here again thanks for dropping by at my blog i certainly appreaciated it
and i alwyas love the pictures you posted here
its superb
have a great day
by the you might want to see who are those solo performers that gain much popularity as they leave their group of where they came from at my blog
hope to see you there
more power and God bless

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