Wednesday, October 22

A day in the forest

These pictures were taken from our walk in the forest a fews ago. I wasn't able to upload them before but I blog about putting them here so here it goes finally.

Behind us is a big rock, where some people come to practice rock climbing. Not my interest though but I thought I'd show it anyway.
I really don't know what this shed is for so I just took a picture of it. Could have been almost a toilet? I tried to open the door but The V forbid me to touch it. He thought the shed might fall off just by touching it. I thought the logs are interesting as a back drop for picture taking, what do you think? Lastly some rosehips along the way. you can make tea or jam out of it but I really don't know how.


Gattina said...

Each time I hear from you, you are either in the woods or in a parc, lol ! Do you like that much Spaziergänge ?? I only move when nice pictures for my blog are in view ! I am lazy !

Toni said...

hahaha :) oh how i wish i am really like that ;) although come to think of it, i am on my next spaziergang (walk) - going to REWE the grocery :) to buy some milk and bread. maybe i can also blog about exciting german products there :)

imom said...

Ah, so yan pala itsura ng rosehips. hehe. Sorry, wlang ganyan sa bundok namin. The rosehips I see here come in capsules. :)

Toni said...

imom -yup, that's how rosehip looks like, they also have thorns along their branches like roses..and the leaves similar looking too.. maybe that's the reason why they are called so..