Sunday, October 26

What we've been up to...

Well some of my friends/family are wondering what we've been up to the past few days because I don't blog as often as I do--there are a lot of reasons to that including the major one. We've had some problems with the computer!!! It finally gave up on me, after organizing all the files, deleting and organizing, reading and and and... ready to put it all in the external drive when pffttt.. the computer just gave up!! So now I've lost all my email address and all the hard work turned to nothing... good thing though that I have burned the most important pictures into a cd and that good but not so good ?? I backed up the files last June 2008. I guess I read about imom's post and got a bit paranoid and read it.

Aside from that I also had my birthday :) it was a few weeks ago but The V and I celebrated it only yesterday. We had a nice evening, eating and drinking and enjoying the wonderful ambiance of the restaurant. There's a big fireplace in the middle of the room which I forgot to document.. sorry. We really like the restaurant even if the service was not so good considering the price they ask for their food and wine. The V. loved the wine we had and so he researched it online .. whew! It cost€23 a bottle and he found it online for €5.75. My goodness I didn't know they sell wine so expensive and get it like grocery price. What a rip off!! Here's The V. examining the bottle carefully, while I am typing here - he is ordering it online :) we're going to get a dozen of it :). Well we're not alcoholics we are just getting ready for our upcoming house warming party. Finally it's going to happen - some of our friends are already teasing us if we would ever going to have it.
So which leads me to the next topic - we have been busy looking for some new lamps. It's not an easy task mind you so wish us luck :) After looking through all these lamps I got a bad migraine, I don't know if it was the lamps or the weather.. as always we'll blame it on the weather.

I've also been busy doing some nice things, having some friends and colleagues over for dinner and coffee.. hmm why do we have to separate colleagues from friends? Can the two not be mixed -- there is a german saying Bier ist Bier und Wein ist Wein! (that means you don't interchange the two and you have to separate them) I always thought before that my colleagues if I like them and they like me are also my friends.

Oh and I did something interesting too which some of you would like to see - like going to the biggest book fair in the world (?) have to google on that if that is true - it was so nice being surrounded by books. Unfortunately, too many books to carry and buy(money is not even an issue because they are so cheap or for free) but just 2 hands.. I will show you some of my finds in my next post.


Our Love Story said...

wow... belated happy brithday toni!!! i wish you all the best in life... (well, u already have the best of everything, i guess!)

i missed u a lot! hmmm... book fair? yeah, it's an annual thing, right? i am from a publishing house and there's a plan of going there for the bookfair to set up a booth for the philippine books... pero di nagmaterialize... ang expensive kasi...hahaha!!!

oh, really? u were raised sa baguio? oo nga e... since i was a kid... lagi kami dun nagbakasyon and i've seen how the place has changed over the years!!!! wow... i always dream of living there... pero polluted na din sya at medyo crowded na din ngayon! you must have the best memories left there!!!

take care always and hi to "V"! again, happy birthday! Godbless you both! : ) cheers!

Layrayski said...

Happy birthday toni! You're beautiful especially in that pic. =)

I guess its because you're paying for the ambience more than the food and drink?

I'm envious. Going to the biggest(!) book fair in the world! Must be dizzying/exciting!

Kayni said...

happy birthday! wow, they charged you so much for that wine. speaking of wine, i've been craving for some real good reisling. i might buy a bottle this weekend even if i'm not supposed to be drinking any alcoholic it's Halloween =).

do show us some of the books you found. take care, and good luck with the lamps.

TOni said...

jen, you should go the book fair :) that would be lovely, we live very near the exhibition halls - just 15 minutes- that would be great if ever that materializes, you're welcome to visit us :)

layrayski - yes it is indeed a wonderful experience to go the book fair. just too bad i was there for work I wasn't able to see and enjoy everything. hopefully next year.

kayni - hmm a good riesling :) is it from germany? well hope you find a good one and prost :) (cheers!)

raqgold said...

belated happy birthday, dear toni :)