Sunday, January 4

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year dear friends, family and fellow bloggers. Are you all ready with your new year's resolutions? Well I am starting mine with this - take care of my blog!!! So here's a post and an update on my life. As I have mentioned before some of my friends have been wondering about my whereabouts - I am still here, alive and kicking. The V. is also still here, waiting for a new project and at the same time looking for a new job, yes he's been into it for the last 4 years. So please include him in your prayers, positive thoughts and wishes.He had some interviews the last few weeks just before the holidays so we are praying and hoping that he gets a new one soon. I on the other hand is waiting for my boss to say yes to my distance learning diploma, the fees were raised to a few thousands of pounds so the board is still into it.
My in laws spent Christmas with us, it was nice being with family, also tiring and stressful in some ways and hilarious in some moments ;) We did a few trips with them (just like this one in front of the Geld Museum -Money Museum) but not far excursions, we realized that they are really getting old and they really get cold in this damp weather. We showered them with presents which troubled The V's mom if they would have enough room in their suitcases. We solve the problem - by giving them one of our suitcases (again for the 2nd time! if we continue doing this we would ran out of suitcases or rather have more excused to buy new ones). I felt like we were the parents showering our kids with gifts galore!!! Now I can't complain about parents giving their kids too much gifts!! Hey but we only see them once a year?? (sometimes once in 2 years)
After driving them to the airport on the 27th. We went on a mini roadtrip from Cologne, Dusseldorf, Aachen (Linnich), Belgium and Netherlands (B and NL - just to do our grocery shopping). Then back here to celebrate New Year's eve with our friends.
Soon it's back to life, school starts again on Monday for me. But hey it's a new year- a clean slate so cheers -start making those wonderful memories now.


Gattina said...

Happy New Year ! you had a nice Christmas (we too, in Amsterdam) I also go shopping from time to time in Aachen and just before Christmas I was in Köln for the Christmas market.

raqgold said...

wow, an update :) it was great visiting you and vlad, dear toni. take care!

Our Love Story said...

hehehehe!!!! it means you have to buy one each year!

i had a wonderful time with my family as well! though, tiring because our house helpers went home during the holidays so they could spend the xmas and new year with their families... so it means i had to do everything... all the household chores... it was really tiring and i lost 7 kilos... (i realized it was quite beneficial) but i am happy doing those stuffs because i can only do those things during vacation and i love doing them for my family!

take care always! regards to the V!