Monday, January 5

A Picture

I got this picture from my brother in law who accidentally found it through my sister's belongings. He scanned it and gave each one of us a copy of it (thanks Elvin, please send me some more).
Well it doesn't take a lot of effort to find me in this picture, ooops unless you don't know me personally, I am the tallest and oldest among all the children. This was taken in Burnham Park in Baguio, my home town in the Philippines. Funny I don't even know how old I was then and what we were doing when this picture was taken. When you go to that park (years and years ago) you are bombarded with photographers dying to take your photo, not that you are a celebrity but because they think you are a tourist and they can overcharge you. I wonder if they still exist what with the modern digicams and all. Hmm? Anybody from Baguio, help me out on this question .


Gattina said...

What a nice picture ! it looks as if your parents made a long pause between you and the 3 others, lol !

Our Love Story said...

hahaha!!!! i guessed right! your hairstyle never changed! nway, i also planned of posting some old pictures of mine and my family...only that i had no time these past days due to the holidays!

oopss... belated merry christmas, happy new year to u and V! wishing you many more blessings from up ABOVE! take care always!!!!

PS: our province is in pangasinan and we usually go to Baguio.. it's our favorite vacation place and we have several relatives living there! yah, i remember how photograpers used to do that to the tourists... i don't notice them anymore, nowadays... but i still can see them somewhere in burnham and mines view where you can pose with the natives...

take care...hope when u get home here (hopefully) we could see each other!

The World In The Eyes Of Brothers said...

Lovely picture. It is so nice having family pictures. I can't remember ever seeing one of my family together. It is such a lovely memory to treasure. Have a Wonderful day.

Vlado&Toni said...

Thanks for the visit.

Yes Gattina, it did take a long time till my sister came.

Jenny, thanks for the update on the photographers. Yes, I also hope we can see each other in the Philippines.

The World in the Eyes of Brothers- oh I hope you find one of those old photos of your family. They really are a treasure, I'm sure though that Jarid and Caydon will have enough wonderful family pictures when they grow up.

raqgold said...

hi toni, ang marami ngayon sa baguio yung mga photographers that would offer to take the photo of the whole family using YOUR own camera :D sempre naman, magpapabayad sila, tip kunyari, hehe.

may ganyan kaming kuha, pero sa luneta naman!

caryn said...

wahahah! i was in baguio with the hubby last year, and although the photographers aren't there anymore, you have to pay for each and every scenic spot. hahaha! seriously, its 10-20 pesos each time you turn. but i guess tourists are still the main source of income there. it was still fun, though a bit commercialized compared to the baguio of our youth

Toni said...

Raq- ganon? well times haven't changed, just the camera and the picture takers then ;) oh and i would love to see that luneta picture.. let me know when you post it.

Caryn- what???? pay for each scenic spot, that is absurd! why do they allow that??? that is almost unbelievable .. but you are right, tourists are really the source of income for many baguio habitants.. oh and thanks for the visit ;)