Saturday, January 17

Mini Road Trip Part 2

Here's the second part of our Mini Road trip after Christmas. After spending a wonderful time in cool,trendy Düsseldorf, we headed towards rural Linnich , I tried clicking the english translation of the website I think I know why not too many english speaking tourists pay this town a visit - hey about time you modernize your website guys! Actually there isn't much to see in this town so you should rather head directly to Aachen, one of the bigger towns nearby, approximately 20 kilometers away or Düsseldorf which is about 45 minutes away by car.

We visited our dear friend Eyna and Thomas in their new abode ;) . Their house is really wonderful, homey and cozy. Since we have been in Linnich and in Aachen before. We decided there isn't really something new to see. We wanted to hit the borders this time -The Netherlands and Belgium. The weather was unfortunately too chilly and cold for us so we decided to visit instead of tourist spots - ta ran - groceries! Here is the first place we found - Carrefour in Eupen, Belgium. Yey! I just love grocery shopping in foreign countries. I have been to Carrefour, Spain and now Carrefour, Belgium. I noticed that the prices are more like german standards here, probably because it is just about 30 kilometers from the border. We were before in Antwerp and Brussels, but I remember it wasn't that expensive - or maybe times have changed.
Here's Eyna looking cheerful - it's her first time here although they live quite near. And here she is again looking at the jams.

We got hungry with all that shopping and looked around the city to find a nice place to eat- we ended up going to this mall called Eupen Plaza, which from the outside looked really small. There was a giant Christmas tree for a mall in such a small town.. as you can see, there also aren't too many people(almost none!). We also didn't find any nice restaurants, there were 2 open but they really didn't look too appealing to us. There were lots of shops though, maybe it gets busy in some days, but not on this particular Monday morning. We didn't get to take pictures in the Netherlands because I was so overwhelmed by a shop it took most of my entire attention. I will show you some of the items I bought in my next post.


Kayni said...

yes, i'd like to see what you i've been doing some shopping myself. i do really need to get some stuff for my apartment. i've been neglecting it a bit.

Gattina said...

What a nice tour ! The prices in Carrefour should be the same all over Belgium, we have two here in Waterloo.
It's no wonder that you find many people on a monday. The shops are closed ! except the big supermarkets. Monday is really not a time to do window shopping or eating in a restaurant. As they work on Saturday and Sunday they get the Monday off. That's the law. I have been to Lidls in Aachen, UK, Italy, and here of course, and it's funny all shops look the same they all have the same display and even the standard products !
I think the prices are all the same now in Germany and Belgium, not a lot of difference anymore

Joy said...

That sounds like a wonderful road trip indeed! You're lucky to be able to do that - coz I can't. I get motion sick. And I agree with shopping at groceries. They have really interesting products!

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Lifecruiser said...

Roadtrips are the best, whether or not they are short or for long! Looks like you had a great time - and even teasing us with your shopping items. *giggles*

Hope you've managed to avoid the flu which the rest of us seem to have got...

RennyBA said...

Thanks for your reports and great pics - good to know you had a great time. Myself, I love to visit Brussels.

Good to see you back in Blogsphere too - thanks for the visit and comment!

Toni said...

Thanks friends for the visit.

Kayni - I have yet to take photos of those goodies before i start eating or breaking them ..(must take photos now)

Gattina - oh that explains everything, I agree with you Aldi and Lidl almost have the same thing everywhere that's why I go to the big supermarkets ;)

Joy - I will be checking that link, I will be out this Saturday but I will listen to it for sure in the next saturdays.. (maybe even do a request or dedication)

Lifecruiser - counting my fingers not to get that flu -- i hate being sick!!it's so boring

Renny - yup i love Brussels too..

Our Love Story said...

i guess the best part here are those wonderful pictures you shared to us all! yeah, it looks like there are few (almost none) people out there... must be a very quiet place! hehehe

take care always! Godbless! : )

cheh said...

Sarap! shopping galore!:)

Mas mura daw compare sa DE prices? NL mas maka mura daw sa asian products?

raqgold said...

pareho tayo, ang sarap magusyoso sa mga grocery items ng ibang bansa di ba? pero kung alam ko lang, gusto ko yung butter ng pransya e. waaa ;D

Toni said...

Cheh - oo mas mura asian products don sa NL kasi halos nga lahat ng benta dito don galing/bagsakan eh.. one time napunta kami sa china town sa amsterdam.. grabe.. daming pagpipilian ng mga items don...hay buhay.

Raq - uy ako rin feel ko ang butter don ;) bakit kaya ..anong pinag-iba?