Sunday, January 11

Mini Road Trip Part 1

After sending The V.`s parents off back to Bulgaria, we decided to have a mini roadtrip visiting friends and a cousin who live near Cologne Airport. I realised we didn't actually go on any trip this year except a visit to the Black Forest. I think we've just had too much holiday year 2006 that we slowed really down this 2007 (not to mention having "some" expenses buying a house and having it renovated).

It was a wonderful trip, we went to Düsseldorf, Linnich (a town near Aachen) and went accross the boarder to The Netherlands and Belgium to do some grocery shopping. Yup, you've read it.. this is how it is in (some parts) Europe, 20 kilometers to the West you are in another country(in this ex. Netherlands), and 30 kilometers to the Southwest you are again in another country(this time in Belgium). I love grocery shopping in foreign countries. I can spend hours and hours there, just looking and touching and buying chips, beverages, jams, biscuits, cheese, tea,sweeties etc. etc. The V. has to literally pull me away from the shelves so we can move on. Anyway, before I go on forever talking about that goodies. Here are some pictures from our trip, here's one with cousin Janine.

This is a building along the Media Harbor, the architecture is quite modern,the facade of the building is covered with tin or some sort of metal and if you look at it at an angle. It looks as if the metal is is deformed. The harbor is a modern business and residential district along the Rhine. There are lots of cafes, nice restaurants in this area. Also you can walk along the river or have a sip of coffee in one of the cafes. From what D. told me (cousin J's bf) there are lots of events held around here throughout the whole year. Just 3 weeks ago at that time, there was a piano concert held there, the pianist was in the middle of the river! Also another week ago the World Cup Cross Country Skiing took place along the river bank. I don't know how they did it, I also couldn't imagine it but all I know is that they used artificial snow. A glimpse in one of the quiet corners of the old town.
Passing the telecommunications tower, I though it would be funny to take a picture below it. This is what I saw? Does it remind you of something?I think it looks like a pepper grinder. Agree or diagree?
Dusseldorf is a beautiful city, from what I have seen in 1 day and 1 evening. There are lots of restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops. That evening when we went out, I saw people sitting/standing outside on such tables and in the middle of winter!!! I don't see it here in our area, but Düsseldorf has this name in Germany "die längste Theke der Welt" or the longest bar in the world. It was amazing to see tables outside the bars and restaurants with lots of people drinking alt beer out in the cold. Alt beer is a kind of beer native to Düsseldorf. Sorry it didn't dawn on me to take pictures in the evening, it really looks different at night time - when the tables are full and the candles are shining and lots of drunken people along the pavement ;)
Bye for now, next part tomorrow or when I get the time to post it. It will be about our next stop, Linnich (near Aachen).


kg said...

Hi toni! thanks for dropping. I loved reading your story. and the pictures are so nice! thanks for sharing them para na rin akong nakapunta doon. :)

Gattina said...

You woke up a lot of souvenirs ! Mr. Gattino was sent for his company for two years to Düsseldorf and had an appartment there (with swimmingpool in the basement, very interesting for me, lol) So every two weeks I spent the week end in Düsseldorf and loved it ! It's like you said a beautiful town and so alive !! One year we went there with friends to spent New Year there and assisted for the first time to these terrific fireworks which are done all over Germany ! I had seen that in 1958 for the last time you can imagine that it had changed since then !
You are one year late ! your wrote you travelled in 2006, and not in 2007 but we are in 2009 now ! have you slept over New Year's Eve ? (I did !)

imom said...

I like the tower photo. It looks like a huge microphone to me hehehe... Happy New Year!

Thank you to you and the V for the thoughtful Christmas card. :)

Toni said...

Hi Kg, thanks for dropping by ;)

Gattina, yup you are right, I have to change that date ;) thanks. wow, that was a long time ... you must visit Düsseldorf again, that Media Harbor is really fascinating with its new and modern buildings!

Imom - yup, that's a good one. a giant microphone.. indeed ;) you're welcome. glad you liked the card.

Kayni said...

i like that building (along Media Harbor) parang

i agree - the tower looks like a pepper grinder. i wonder what it's like to be all the way up there.

Enna said...

What a great blog! And seriously it has a beautiful layout!

raqgold said...

the first time we visited dusseldorf was also winter. and imagine my shock when they told me we'd be sitting outside, i wasnt really impressed, hahaha

Toni said...

Thanks Enna ;)I'm actually thinking of changing it.

Raqgold - oh no! I wouldn't dare do that..maybe after a few alts ;) to get some fresh air.