Sunday, February 8

New Year, New Food

The V. and I decided to have 1(one) yes, just 1 new year's resolution this year - well we normally don't do such things so this is our first attempt to have one. We decided to cook each week a new dish/new recipe. Since I have so many cookbooks, it's time I use them dilligently. The V. also has a cook book which he alone can read - it's in Cyrillic so it's almost like a secret language to me. So far we are doing well, we take turns in cooking. Last week was The V's turn, so this week is my turn to come up with a new dish.

Here are some of our yummy creations :) We have actually done 4 recipes so far, all baked, 3 savoury meals and a dessert.

This is a traditional bulgarian dish called moussaka, some of you might know it from the nearby greek restaurant or holidays in Greece or even Turkey. It is actually a bulgarian dish as well - the difference is that Bulgarians don't put eggplants in their dish compared to the famous greek variation. This one is a vegetarian moussaka, major ingredient was rice and potatoes.

Recipe from the cookbook - good.

This is the best ever carrot cake ever:) almost flourless with 500 grams of carrots in it! Yummy and cream cheese frosting. If you want the recipe, just leave me a comment. I brought this to church for a special coffee time. The women were flocking around the cake asking who the baker was till The V proudly pointed to me.
Recipe from the cookbook - excellent!
This time The V. put meat in his moussaka - just potatoes, minced meat, tomatoes,herbs, and spices. This one needs a few adjustments in the future. I told The V. he should have used his Mom's true and trusted recipe but hey, we want to be a bit adventurous.
Recipe - needs improvement.

Oh and this is the first ever new recipe I cooked for this year which gave me the inspiration to cook a new recipe every week, I got a cookbook from my blogger friend Raquel when we had our first meeting :). Thanks again Raq for the wonderful gift. This is shepherd's pie with lentils and vegetable in it.
Recipe - very good!

Well that would be all for now. Will show you what I will whip up in my kitchen this week.


Our Love Story said...

omigosh... that is too yummy!!! oh my, gudlak on your new year's resolution... hehehe! i hope someday i could taste your recipes! take care always and Godbless! : )

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! loooooong time ago we did the same, but 40 years later we became VERY lazy, lol !
I agree it's fun and if the result is good it's even better !
Guten Appetit !

Doris said...

mmm.. i think i might do the same.. because like you i have tons of cookbooks ..for now can I have that carrot cake recipe pls ?..

Kayni said...

I'd love to try that carrot cake recipe. All the food looks good in the photographs. I am hungry while looking at them. This is good. Keep going.

Toni said...

Jenny - you are always to come and taste my recipe ;) who knows they might send you here to Frankfurt in the next Book Fair?

Gattina - oh my that's a lot of recipe if we are talking about 40 years of marriage, you are right to quit this hobby ;) i could imagine getting lazy cooking a new meal every week for 40 years.

Doris and Kayni- will email that recipe to you. you will like it, it's almost pure carrots oh with grounded almonds.

RJ said...

Hello! You have a great blog! Just got here through a link from another blog. That carrot cake got my attention and it sure looks yummy! Can i also have the recipe? my email is Thanks!!

Toni said...

RJ - hi rj, thanks for dropping by. i will email you that recipe :) hey you didn't put a link to your blog, now i have to find you or maybe i was in your blog and didn't know it. doesn't matter, come again soon :)

raqgold said...

whoa, you did it! patikim!