Monday, March 30

Daylight Savings Time

Yesterday we set our clocks forward 1 hour.. it is so weird, I just feel so tired today. I literally dragged myself out of bed..really, really difficult because I usually get out of bed at about 6:30 a.m. which meant it was still 5:30 a.m.! Also I wasn't really able to sleep in my usual time which is about between 11:30 pm to 12:30 a.m. So do we really need to change our clocks? Do we really save some daylight and of course save a lot of energy and do we really need that long summer evening? On the way to our friend's house last night we started arguing about pros and cons of daylight savings time and here is the conclusion : it is so inconvenient!

Have you had an experience with daylight savings time?

Story No. 1
We went to visit friends in Brussels on an Easter weekend. We wanted to go to this church with a lovely choir from the Philippines. So we had a long Easter breakfast and walked to the church. On our way to the church, we noticed a lot of people on the way but the opposite direction. I heard someone said "oh they thought it's the old time". I understood that she probably meant, the old schedule. So I told my friend and she was sure she asked for the right schedule. Seeing a lot of people going out of the church I finally asked somebody.
Oh she said, "don't you know, we forwarded the clock this morning? "
That was an awful feeling, losing an hour of your life without knowing about it!

Story No. 2
June 1990, the Philippines decided to also adopt the Daylight Savings time, I can't remember if this was the second or first year or the last year.. Well this time my hometown was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes ever in the Philippine. It caused a lot of lives and damage a lot of properties. The earthquake started at some time past 4.00 pm. My siblings were all at home, safe and having their afternoon snacks. Have there been no daylight saving time, they would have been all still at school as dismissal starts at 3:30 p.m. That would have been hundreds of elementary students( or even thousands couting the other schools )in the school buildings! This was really a blessing.

Well that was all my daylight saving time stories, maybe you have one or two to share with me as well :O)


Kayni said...

My stories about DST are all about being late: (1) for class and missing the whole lecture, and (2) then coming in late to work and felt embarrassed using the DST reason. We've forwarded our clocks here two weeks ago. I, too, feel cheated for losing an hour of sleep.

lilaybulilay said...

god toni,iwas 3rd yr high school then when this earhtquake happened and was in CAT training that time, i felt the whole quadrangle shaking...anyway i didnt really like DST =(

Gattina said...

For one hour I don't care, I don't even realize, besides the fact that I have to change all watches and clocks. Usually we do late afternoon the day before. Even my cats don't care, but they never care about hours, lol ! When I go to England there is one hour difference too (one behind) and I don't realize either. But if it's 3 or 4 h then I remark it too !

bluedreamer27 said...

hello just dropping by to say have a great day and happy blogging

Our Love Story said...

hi there toni... oh, really i missed the blogosphere! and i missed you!!!

oh, yeah, i remember about the DST here in our country... i was too young then and didn't care that much about DST... but what really stucked in my head is the earthquake that we had... probably, one of the most terrible earthquakes we had in the country... yeah, baguio and dagupan were very much affected...

hope to see u more often here! have a blessed holy week... mwahh. take care always! regards to "v"!
: )

imom said...

Oh yeah, the DST saved lives in that 1990 earthquake. Unfortunately, our class was trapped at the 5th floor of the commerce building... Haay, bad memories. Buti nalang the rest were practicing for Sportsfest cheering at the gym.

Toni said...

thanks for sharing all your dst stories ;) yes, i'm getting back to the usual routine now ;)