Wednesday, March 25

Is it a promotion?

Talking about my last post about the new responsibility - I really am not sure if it is a promotion.. *think-think-think* For some of you who have been reading this blog for quite a while now you probably know I changed jobs last year, end of February - from a normal german kindergarden to an international montessori one. Well the boss asked me to open a toddler group since we don't have too many enrollees for the age group 3-6 but lots of interested parties from 1.5-3 years old. That means from being an assistant teacher (since I am not a trained montessori teacher). I will be heading my own class and will also be in charged of setting up my own classroom, routines etc. The V. thinks it is a almost a promotion . At the moment I am also doing a distance learning course from London which in the end would give me the Montessori Diploma. However, I am doing the diploma for the age group of 3-6 -- that's why there is some kind of conflict. To get the diploma I need to have an experience with children this age. So I told my boss I will do the toddler group for a year and then finish my training. Well let's see how it goes a year from now. Wish me all the best.


Gattina said...

I think it is a very good compromise ! and I agree with your V. It is a promotion ! To give the responsibility of a bunch of toddlers to one person, means that you are apte for this job and that needs a lot of trust. If you have never done this before then it is a good experience for you. You are young and you have time to continue your studies later on.
BTW, I solved the mistery of my portrait thanks to Mar, apparently I had subscribed ages ago to Gravatar, maybe you too and now I have my new portrait. Or it could be your Google account ?

Vlado&Toni said...

Thanks Gattina.
No I didn't subscribed to Gravatar.. hmmm weird..yes, maybe the google account but i used a different one for my blogs. oh well i'll check it out later..

cheh said...

wow ! goodluck to you!was considering to work in kiga but having 3 kutos I've changed my mind,I think,lol

have a lovely week toni!

imom said...

I think it is still a promotion since you will be having more responsibilities. Good luck with the new job and the distance learning. :)